Square cushion with label to complete
Square cushion with label to complete

How to combine mismatched cushions?

Combine mismatched cushions without overloading the decor or creating a mismatch and messing up the combinations! 

 1. Mix cushions in neutral tones, with or without decoration for a soft harmony that takes into account the decor.

2.  Use white to create matching cushions.

The white background of the cushions makes it easy to combine mismatched cushions, regardless of the pattern of the cushion fabrics. 

The cushions sold at Gifts-custopolis.com all have a white background and can therefore be combined very well! 

3. Combine cushions with black and white patterns.

From then on, there is little chance of getting the colour mix wrong, whether it's stripes, flowers or dots, you can't go wrong.

4. Combine mismatched cushions in a theme.

You can easily imagine combining different cushions purchased from Gifts-custopolis.com with artwork, or for different birthdays, only your wallet is your limit.

5. Combine the cushions in a cameo.

Choose a dominant colour and combine it with different shades. Pale red, dark red, burgundy. You can then use round or square cushions, raised or not.

Cushions: an indispensable element, precious to the well-being, to the decoration of all good homes today and cushions with multiple uses and thanks to the Gifts-custopolis team can be personalised for Valentine's Day:

Square cushion with label to personnaliseren

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Square cushion with label to personnaliseren
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