Trivet tile to customise with artwork
Trivet tile to customise with artwork
Trivet tile to customise with artwork
Trivet tile to customise with artwork

Trivet tile
Buy unusual and original kdo tiles, incomparable and unique personalized surprises, funny or unique gifts all is possible from

In some countries, it is called a trivet, in other countries it is called a table mat or  hot pad.  For short, there are many names for this indispensable object, but it is always the same kitchen utensil that is placed under a very hot dish. This accessory is really necessary on a table, so you might as well choose one that looks good.

You can easily decorate a table, without ruining yourself, thanks to a trivet decorated with a masterpiece. You can choose from the 10 most popular works. Many people love works of art, but don't have a masterpiece at home. The most popular paintings are Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Picasso, Munch, Van Gogh, Monet, Dali and Klimt. Art has its place almost everywhere, even on the table. This will undoubtedly make you want to find out more about these painters. This under-floor tile decorated with a masterpiece will create a sensation among your guests. 

Decorative tiles or tile art are to be distinguished from mosaics, whose shapes are made up of a large number of small tesserae (small pieces of marble, stone, glass paste or ceramic, the basic material of a wall or floor mosaic) placed irregularly, each of one colour, usually of glass or sometimes of ceramic or stone. There are different tile patterns, such as herringbone, quincunx, squares, stacks, reels, Versailles parquet, matted tiles, art tiles, diagonals and encaustics, which can vary in size, shape, thickness and colour.

It is therefore the ideal and original gift that can be given as a Christmas present, as a New Year's gift, but also for grandma's birthday party or as a wedding present. An original personalised kdo for any occasion, big or small. 

Trivet tile to customise with artwork

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Colour: bright white
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Material: ceramic
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Trivet tile to customise with artwork
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