At Custopolis, we offer several types of mugs that can be personalised: white; white with blue or red interior; magical, because they reveal themselves with warmth; or blue or, gold, etc. But I think that the most interesting and romantic cup is the one dedicated to lovers.

Because nothing is more important than the feelings, the love of one's partner when one is lucky enough to have one.

These cups have been specially designed for couples who are very complicit, very close and inseparable, who sometimes dress the same way, drink from identical cups and become practically one. Of course, all couples, whether young or old, can of course use these cups without being so fusional. A fun idea that I can't help but pass on to you would be to make two photos (one of your half and one of you) and place you at the end (left and right) of the photo so we could place you on the cups in such a way that it looks like you are giving each other a little kiss. However, any other (suitable) scene can be considered. This is the most symbolic Valentine's Day gift of your love. 

These cups are a truly original gift idea and are undoubtedly made for the celebration of the lovers and the eternally in love.

Mugs duo couple to personalise

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Mugs duo couple to personalise
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