A long time ago in a galaxy far,far away the stormtroopers were patrolling.

For Star Wars fans we offer this plush imperial soldier. An executioner stormtrooper.

You are looking for an original teddy gift idea and you know the Star Wars Saga backwards and forwards. This "Executioner Trooper" teddy is for you ...

Because stormtroopers executioners are assigned to dispense final justice. They are responsible for fighting the enemies and traitors of the First Order. We can recognize them among the Stormtroopers because they wear black marks on their white armor. Their serial number is not visible on their helmet to guarantee their anonymity.

In the Star Wars saga, the executioner Troopers  track down notably our two heroes Fin deserter of the First Order and Rose Tico a resistance technician.

This cuddly toy is perfect for children but also for lovers of Star Wars by Georges Lucas. It will be perfect for fun or for exhibiting in all cottages on earth and throughout the galaxy.

This particular character from the Star Wars saga can also be driven in your car to entertain your passengers and passers-by.

A lovey with the effigy of an executioner stormtrooper: this character from the terrible empire that you can give you or give to children, teens and collectors.

May the force be with you

Star Wars plush Executioner Trooper

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Size: 8x8x18cm

Brand: Star Wars

Weight: 0.08kg

Recommended minimum age: from 0 months

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