What is a salt stone lamp?

Have you heard of salt stone lamps (and candle holders)? A unique and comforting decoration to create a warm atmosphere in your home. 

The lamp is suitable as an accent light in a bedroom or living room. Its purpose is not to illuminate the room, but to give a feeling of well-being.

They are thought to purify the air and, due to the emission of negative ions, they partially neutralise the action of electromagnetic radiation and help combat insomnia.  The salt crystals emit negative ions, an effect that is increased by the heat generated by the lamp. These negative ions will then counteract the positive ions, naturally present in the atmosphere due to air pollution. The lamp will then have a cleansing effect.

Although they are safe, there are few scientific studies showing that salt lamps have any real effects on health. However, users report that they have a real impact on their stress levels. 

Salt lamps are ideal for improving well-being. Their orange light is relaxing. In chromotherapy, the colour orange promotes reconnection between body and mind and soothes us. They are recommended during a meditation or yoga session to create a relaxing environment. They are also calming when working at the computer. 

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Himalayan salt crystal pyramid lamp with USB -9 cm-multicolor

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Pyramid lamp with 150cm long USB cable.

Weight: 800 grams

Ingredients/Material; Himalayan salt

Origin; Pakistan

Dimensions 9x9 cm

999 Items

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