This manual game of skill requires calmness and concentration, and also provokes moments of suspense and self-doubt. The game consists of removing the sticks from the tower, one after the other, after the tower has been erected, without of course knocking the tower down. The dice indicates which stick should be removed, as each stick has a number. This makes the game more difficult and immediately makes it look less easy than it seems.

This is a game of skill for young and old, for children as well as for parents or grandparents who play with their (grand)children whenever they have some free time, during the holidays or at any other time.   

The number tower should of course be placed on a flat surface indoors or outdoors. This game is fun when you build the tower, but also when you try to keep the tower from collapsing. This game is often kept for a long time and is made of wood, which makes it durable. For the little ones, the first step is just to enjoy building the tower or even to have fun with other constructions.

This game of skill is part of the original fun gifts, original wooden game gifts, gifts ideas games and toys. This figure tower is a funny birthday gift and an original gift for children. A fun family game idea.

Wooden figure tower

Tax included

Size: Tower built approx. 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 23 cm

Building block approx. 7.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 1.5 cm

Brand: small foot

Material: wood

Recommended minimum age: 4+.

Gender: female, male

Contents: 57 game bars, 1 die

Number of players: 2-10

Weight: including packaging 0.707 kg

Total pieces: 58 pieces 

999 Items

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