The origin of croquet can be traced back to the game of pall-mall which was played in the French countryside in the Middle Ages. It was Louis XIV who had it transferred to the table in his palace so that it could be played even in winter and the game would then have become billiards. The English copied the game around 1300 and, after many developments, it became golf in Scotland and croquet in Ireland. Popularised during the second half of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century, contemporary croquet is mainly practised by Anglo-Saxons: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, etc.

For many of us, this croquet game seems to be just a pleasant pastime and an ideal wooden game idea to offer as a birthday present for dad or as a fun gift for young people. Croquet also brings enthusiasts together in a Belgian federation that was founded in 1994 and which organises tournaments.

Croquet can be played alone or in teams, most often on grass, but sometimes on the beach (sand) and even on ice. Teams range from two to eight players. The aim is to make the wooden ball go through the field as quickly as possible by advancing it with a mallet. The ball must follow a precise course, delimited by hoops, under which the ball must pass. The courses differ according to the number of hoops to be crossed, the direction of the course, etc. A fun outdoor game to play with family or friends. 


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Croquet has been an Olympic sport in 1900 and at the beginning it was "jeu de mail" played in France in the Middle Ages.

Croquet, an institution in England, means a neat field which has been mowing very short.

Croquet is par excellence a family game that allows everyone to play relaxed.

A classic game for the garden. In croquet, dexterity and concentration are needed.

This outdoor game made of FSC® 100%-certified wood promotes playtime out in the fresh air, and is loads of fun for the whole family.

Metal hoops act as goals, and are stuck in the grass with various distances between them so that varying levels of difficulty are created.

  • 700x150x90
  • wood
  • 3+
  • 1.48kg
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