The Mikado is for those who do not know, a game consisting of many chopsticks, which are painted in several colours, each colour having a different value. The first step of the game is to gather all the chopsticks vertically and on their tips. Then you release them so that the pile is as untidy as possible and the chopsticks are nested on top of each other. Then the game consists of removing one stick at a time from the pile, but the main goal is not to move the other sticks.... You can remove one stick above or below the pile.

If unluckily you move the other sticks you immediately pass your turn and the opponent can play. You can continue to remove sticks until you have moved one or more other sticks.

At the end of the game, the points accumulated are added up, so if you have managed to take the sticks worth the most points by taking the most badly placed but most valuable sticks you will be declared the winner. 

Obviously, the added value of the game we offer is the size of the game which is Giant, so it is a game to offer as an original gift, an unusual gift as a kdo idea for a young person, a perfect board game gift. A birthday gift idea for older children.  

Spillikins giant

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The Mikado game dates 5th century BC.

This is an ancient game from Asia but it is only coming in the West in the 20th century.

The Mikado apparently simple requires a lot of dexterity, thought and self-control.

And the one who have these qualities will win the game of this giant Mikado...A classic return – wooden sticks of 75 cm with different colour signals are good for training the motor activity senses! Super game for the garden, the beach or to be used in the house.

  • Dimensions: length approx 75 cm, Ø approx. 1,5 cm
  • wood
  • 4+
  • female, male
  • 1.35kg
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