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The first insulated bottle was probably designed by the English scientist Sir James Dewar in 1896. In 1892, Dewar had invented a special flask that is still in use today and is attributed to him by his name. Dewar created his isothermal bottle by sealing one bottle inside another and pumping air between them. This created a vacuum, which is an effective insulator. Dewar never patented his invention, however. It was the German glass blower Reinhold Burger and his partner Albert Aschenbrenner, who made bottles for Dewar, who decided to market Dewar's invention. Burger and Aschenbrenner organised a competition to name Dewar's device. A Munich resident suggested the name thermos from the Greek word threm, which means hot. Together with Gustav von Paalen, Burger and Aschenbrenner formed a company to manufacture Dewar's invention and called it Thermos GmbH.


Paalen, Burger and Aschenbrenner only registered the now well-known name Thermos in 1906, the same year they met the American businessman William B. Walker in Berlin. Walker learned of their invention and obtained exclusive rights to manufacture and market it in the United States

The American Thermos Bottle Company was incorporated on 31 January 1907 in Portland, Maine, and established production in Brooklyn, New York. The Thermos insulated bottle quickly gained popularity in the United States. Famous users include President Taft; explorers Lieutenant EH Shackleton, who took his to the South Pole and Lieutenant Robert E. Peary, who took his to the Arctic; Colonel Roosevelt on an expedition to Mombasa; Richard Harding Davis on a trip to the African Congo; Count Zeppelin, who took his in his hot air balloon; and the Wright brothers in their aeroplane.

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Insulated bottle with Father's Day label

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Stainless steel thermo flask, 750 ml, silver,

Enhance your beverage expperience with stainless steel thermoes!

A cup, mug or bottle thermo are all great for sports, leisure and the office. Since they are

double walled, the hot drinks stay hotter longer and the cold drinks stay colder longer.

- Double walled, stainless steel thermo, with screw on cap

- Hand-wash recommended

- Height: 280 mm, Ø 80 mm, approx. 566 g

- Capacity approx. 750 ml

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Insulated bottle with Father's Day label
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