Square cushion with adult birthday label

 -Historical background : 

 Cushions were already in use in the palaces and luxurious houses of the Middle Ages. At that time they were often large and made of leather, which was hard enough to be used as a seat. With time and new trends, cushions have become much smaller.

In France and Spain, cushions have long been used as seats for special occasions.

Today, the cushion is an irreplaceable accessory in the home: on the sofa, bed or elsewhere. In short, cushions can be placed anywhere you like: on a windowsill, chair, bench, sofa or floor. 

The 1960s saw the appearance of huge cushions, called “pouffe”, filled with expanded polystyrene balls, which have remained the symbolic seat of the "baba-cool" years.

- The floor cushion: in Asian culture, this accessory is synonymous with saving space and feeling good. In Japan, it is traditional to sit on the floor when eating. Over the years, the Japanese have used it to improve their posture and promote good digestion. It is therefore logical that this design object has conquered modern interiors.

Cushions: basic article, essential to the well-being, to the decoration of all good houses today and cushions with multiple uses and thanks to the team of Gifts-custopolis can be personalised for a wedding anniversary: whether for one year of marriage or more

Square cushion with adult birthday label

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Colour : off-white

Content : 100% polyester

Seams : looped

Surface : soft and fluffy

Filling : polyester wadding

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Square cushion with adult birthday label
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