A cushion can be a luxury item, for example, at a wedding the bridesmaid presents the wedding rings on a small embroidered silk cushion; at an inauguration a child presents the scissors on a cushion to the officials who are about to cut the ribbon.

Cushions are available at all prices. From standard cushions made in a country where labour is cheap and sold for one or two euros to handmade gold embroidered cushions that cost much more, sometimes several hundred euros.

Of course, the cushions on Gifts-custopolis will never be as expensive, even though they are not inferior in terms of decoration.  

You can also change the cushion cover according to the seasons, events or your mood with different choices of cushion covers from Gifts-custopolis.com

You can also match your cushions to the artwork in your home, match them to the chairs, or match them to whatever you want; only your imagination is the limit of your choices.

Cushions: indispensable goods, vital to the well-being and decoration of all good homes today and cushions with multiple uses and thanks to the Gifts-custopolis team can be personalised for Father's Day. 

Square cushion with black and gold number label

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Colour : off-white

Content : 100% polyester

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Surface : soft and fluffy

Filling : polyester wadding

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Square cushion with black and gold number label
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