Star Wars takes us to the ends of the universe, every time we see a Star Wars movie in the cinema or see it again for the hundredth time. And very often teenagers, children and young people imagine themselves in the skin of a Jedi knight. Jedis who will fight the forces of evil, traitors, renegades, etc. in short criminals with a lightsaber as their weapon.

The lightsaber is the actual weapon of the Jedi. Thanks to our lightsaber umbrella the youngest ones will be able to protect themselves from the always very unpleasant unexpected showers and to imagine themselves to be a Jedi warrior armed to fight the evil, the bad ones and what's great is that the handle can light up like Luke's lightsaber, when he takes his laser to battle. This lightsaber umbrella is an original gift idea for fans of Obi-Wan Kenobi and his allies.

A small Star Wars gift that you must have in your selection of Jedis-related items. An unusual gift for young people, a kdo idea for an end of year party. However, this original gift is also an umbrella that will enchant the youngest, teenagers or even the most die-hard adult aficionados, the most fervent fans of this science fiction saga...

Star Wars light sword umbrella

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This umbrella has it all: protection against rain, protection to potential enemies of the Star Wars movie. You will not be around the dark side of the force because you can have lighting...  

With this umbrella, it will be difficult to not think you are a Jedi and you will hope to control the force with all the advantages of this unusual multifunction sword umbrella...

What an umbrella! Popular Star Wars characters bring children safely through the rain – but that´s not all. When the button is pressed the rod turns into a light sword with colours that change at a pleasant speed: From red, green to blue - all colours are included. The umbrella can naturally also be set to one favourite colour that lights up permanently! The umbrella also has a surprise in the dark: The handle contains a white light torch that can also be turned off by pressing a button.

  • Dimensions Length: approx. 70 cm; Ø approx. 86 cm
  • synthetic
  • 0.34kg
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