Heart cushion with mother's day label to personalize

Personalised heart-shaped pillow

This personalised heart-shaped pillow is a unique gift idea for anyone: chocolate lover, sun lover, art and design lover, music lover, nature lover, animal lover, child lover, holiday lover or any other subject you can think of! For example, a personalised heart-shaped pillow for someone who loves camping, hiking, climbing or running on the beach would be a great choice! You can also create this personalised heart-shaped pillow for a birthday gift, wedding gift, baby gift, mother's day gift, father's day gift, Christmas gift or Valentine's day gift! Don't forget to add a special message in the text box provided.

A heart cushion carries a universal connotation of love, affection and tender feelings. It is an icon of the human heart and represents both the male and female heart. It also symbolises blood circulation, as the blood vessels in the human body are shaped like a heart. In addition to these medical connotations, the heart also has religious meanings: in Christianity, the heart represents a person's emotions towards God and religion. Even in non-religious contexts, the metaphor of a strong, beating heart persists. Everyone understands that the emotion symbolised by a heart is tenderness, not violence or aggression.

Heart cushion is a unique gift for mother's day from our webshop: Gifts-custopolis.com what else to offer as the best gift for mum? These heart cushions cute gifts ideas mother day

stands out by its unique singularity. This heart cushion is perfect to celebrate the most important person for children of all ages: their mothers.

Heart cushion with mother's day label to personalise

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Cushion cover:

- Colour: white

- Material composition: 100% polyester

Cushion filling: 

- Hand wash: yes

- Material composition: Polyester wadding

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Heart cushion with mother's day label to personalise
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