Clock with adult birthday label to personalise

Sundials and obelisks

Ancient Egyptian obelisks, built around 3500 BC, are also among the oldest ghost clocks. The oldest known sundial comes from Egypt. It dates from around 1500 BC.

Candle clocks

The first mention of candle clocks comes from a Chinese poem written in 520 AD. According to this poem, the graduated candle, whose burning rate was measured, was a means of determining the time of night. Similar candles were used in Japan until the early 10th century.


Hourglasses were the first reliable, reusable, reasonably accurate and easily manufactured time measuring devices. From the 15th century onwards, hourglasses were mainly used to tell time at sea. An hourglass consists of two glass spheres connected vertically by a narrow neck that allows a controlled flow of material, usually sand, from the upper sphere to the lower. Hourglasses are still used today. They were also introduced for use in churches, industry and the kitchen.

Candle clocks were another timekeeping device used in the ancient world, from China to England to Mesopotamia. Chronometers were developed in places like India and Tibet and the hourglass (which was widely used throughout Europe) came a little later.

Receiving a clock for your birthday with a decoration dedicated to a specific birthday, whether you are 20, 40 or older, is great : unusual gifts for birthday, best anniversary gift ideas and unique anniversary gift ideas for an event that is celebrated every year and that will remain unique. 

Clock with adult birthday label to personalise

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Clock with adult birthday label to personalise
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