Antique mug with label to personalize
Antique mug with label to personalize
Antique mug with label to personalize
Antique mug with label to personalize

History of the cup

The mug as the perfect gift for everyone


The main way to personalise a mug is by writing designs and texts on it.

For example, you can write motivational phrases, photos or drawings or your company logo. This boosts self-esteem, especially if the object is a gift and has a special meaning.


Although it is a common object, the mug, the best coffee cup to buy on, is a remarkable gift. Our custom mugs are gifts that you can use to please a loved one, friend or colleague. With a little imagination, these personalised mugs can become a source of joy and memories. Indeed, mugs are generally very affordable and easy to obtain.

Our cute mugs are original gifts that can be personalised for the person who will receive it.

A morning coffee and hot chocolate lover would love to have her own unique and inspiring mug. You can have cool coffee mugs : a mug printed with funny jokes or pictures or a mug with a photo.

It is also possible to have something that is particularly appreciated by the individual printed on it. For example, flowers, favourite animals or characters from comics and science fiction or a personal photo to personalise magic mug


Vintage mug with label to personalise

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Product customization

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250 char. max

White enamelled cup

Hand wash recommended

Design with coloured rim

Cylindrical shape

Diameter 80mm

Height 80mm

Weight 130g

Capacity: about 300ml

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Vintage mug with label to personalise
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