The yellow and brown deer wall moneybox is an original decorative gift idea. A modern decorative object for the home, children's and teenager's room. As a parent, it is our duty to teach our children the value of money. The solution is certainly to offer a fun moneybox to hang on the wall, etc... When your child receives a coin from grandma, he will be eager to put it in his pretty moneybox.  Likewise, the day your child loses a tooth and the cute little mouse passes by at night to drop a small coin, your child will naturally go and put it in his yellow and brown deer money box on the wall.

Little by little, he will learn to count his savings and manage his money. What a pleasure it is to buy the latest fashionable toy that mummy refuses to buy, because she says that money doesn't grow on trees! The moneybox is a concrete solution while decorating the children's room with a colourful and fun object thanks to a very funny animal. 

As for teenagers and adults, thanks to the deer-head money box hanging on the wall, everyone can put their change in it and thus collect some savings for small fun purchases. An original-looking decoration idea for a teenager's bedroom, a unique item to equip your home or office. A functional and unusual gadget gift of the most beautiful effect.

Bduck wall saving bank stag yellow & brown

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You are not totally indifferent to a hunting trophy but you do not like hunt you don’t imagine hanging a stuffed head of a deer in your dining room. With our duck that looks like a hunting trophy deer we have the answer for you. You can offer this duck or deer to an animal lover without him sulking you until the end of time.

Bduck Wall Banker-Deer Design-Yellow & Brown - Materials: PVC, sticker, rotocasting - dimensions:16cm x 18cm x 6cm

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