A little science.


The reaction logic of a magic mug.

Most mugs are made of ceramic, others of glass, metal, etc., as we explained in our article on mugs which you can read on our blog at https://custopolis-gifts.com/2-10-mugs/ . Article on our blog where you can find the whole history of the mug.

Of course, not everyone uses the same ingredients and materials to produce a mug, so it's a matter of adjusting the recipe, planning for a change at some point.

You've probably seen a coffee mug with hidden messages or photos that suddenly appear as if by magic when you fill it with hot water. There is something fascinating about this personalised mug, hence the name magic mug, and this magic is an impressive example of thermochromism.

By adding a heat-sensitive paint, the magic can happen. This type of paint is sensitive to the temperature change that occurs when a boiling liquid is added to a mug at room temperature. 

This manufacturing process is not new and has been used for many years for products that change colour when heated by a heat source: toothbrushes, toys, stuffed animals. The system is therefore the same as for the magic cups.

Magic mugs are  magic birthday gift ideas, perfect for a birthday party, especially when a key number is reached, by pouring hot water the numbers appear. Magic mugs are perfect as unique anniversary gift ideas to personalise.  And are suitable as a fun magic birthday gift for her or him. The magic mug, an original magic birthday gift, will surely be a good memory of a unique moment.

Magic mug with birthday number label to personalise

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Colour: Click on the desired option

Cups: black or blue

Shape: cylindrical

Certification: according to Reach Regulation (EG) No 1907/2006 (Germany)

Height: 95mm

Diameter: 80mm approx.

Cleaning: hand wash recommended 

Capacity: 330 ml

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