Star Wars is a film that has been a classic of its kind for many, many years. The subject of the film, for film-weaned citizens, is an intergalactic epic that the whole world knows from having seen it or simply heard about it. Star Wars is a futuristic war between good and evil. But an umbrella is a very down-to-earth accessory, used for a very long time, in China (since the 1st century), to protect oneself from the rain or the sun.

The umbrella is made up of a canvas (fabric that covers the frame), the plate (top part of the umbrella), the ground flap (top of the umbrella), it is the part at the top that protects the umbrella when it is hit on the ground. In short, the umbrella is an object that is sometimes used too often in our countries. Of course, there are cheap umbrellas (very often of poor quality) but some umbrellas can be quite expensive.

Canvas decorations are the most unexpected and infinite or very dark and plain. The Star Wars umbrella is exceptional, especially for fans, they should have it in their collection of Star Wars related items. It is a useful gift idea for children or teenagers. An original gift for a birthday or a small party. 

Star Wars umbrella

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The main function of an ordinary umbrella is to protect against rain... but with this fantastic umbrella the force will be certainly with you thanks to the Jedi on this umbrella....  

The design of this Star Wars umbrella will certainly appeal to all children and young fans of this saga...Popular Star Wars characters bring children safely through the rain. The umbrella can be rolled up for storage with the sewn-on band with a popper. The Star Wars heroes look great on the black background.

  • Dimensions Length approx. 60 cm; Ø approx. 71 cm
  • synthetic
  • 0.19kg
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