Domino géant
Domino géant

Dominoes can be played almost anywhere, whether they are made of wood or plastic. In the past, dominoes were made of bone or even ivory. So there are many different kinds of dominoes with countless variations, some of which are very amusing.

A domino is made up of simple blocks that can be combined and assembled in many ways from very simple to very complex. It is a game that requires and demands a lot of skill and strategy. There are Chinese, English and European dominoes....

Archaeologists have reportedly found dominoes in ancient Egypt and among the Arabs, but the origin of the domino is attributed to China around the 12th century. Dominoes first appeared in Europe in Italy in the 18th century and from that time onwards they spread throughout Europe.

Dominoes became the most played game in living rooms, pubs and families, becoming one of the most popular games. Dominoes are played by 2 or 4 people with 28 blocks. Each block is divided in two on the top side and has numbers (but not always), sometimes the same, but often different, but always unique.

The principle of the game is to take turns following a pattern with your blocks, block by block, trying to match the identical face of your block to the identical face of the competitor's block. When a player cannot place a domino, he picks a piece and passes his turn.

The winner is the one who has placed all his dominoes.

This giant domino is a classic game gift, an original gift idea for a birthday or an unusual gift for the holidays.

Giant dominoes

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Dimensions; carrying bag approx. 32 x 10 x 6 cm dominoes approx. 9.6 x 4.5 x 1 cm

Number of players 2-4

Brand Small foot

Material: wood

Recommended minimum age: 3 years and older

Number of pieces: 28 

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