Wooden letters cubes for threading
Wooden letters cubes for threading
Wooden letters cubes for threading
Wooden letters cubes for threading

Wooden letters cubes have been around for many, many years and still have an appeal that has never gone out of fashion. A real game that has lasted through the ages without ever getting old - in short, a timeless game. A game that has always appealed to many children and sometimes teenagers. The recommended minimum age is 3 years.

This game allows you to learn to read letters, but also allows boys and girls to display a small message or to be able to make up their first names; for a friend, a friend thanks to these letters cubes which are very easy to thread. You have 4 threads and more than 300 small cubes. This game allows you to make several necklaces with different thoughts, different messages or any other communication etc. For the more imaginative, the more inventive, these letter cubes can also be used to make decorations. We can also point out that this game is made of wood, which is a big advantage today.

It is not possible to add any particular personalisation, however, this game can be considered as "customisable" thanks to the multiple possibilities offered by these wooden letter cubes.

This game is an original gift idea, an original birthday gift, original children's gifts, creative wooden game gifts, fun and playful kdo.

Wooden letters cubes for threading

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Dimensions: approx. 0.7cm x 0.7cm x 0.7cm

Brand: Small Foot

Material: wood

Minimum recommended age: from 3 years 

Contents: 310 letter cubes and 4 threads

Weight including packaging 0.11kg

1000 Items

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