Bingo is a very popular board game. This game of chance, of American origin is inspired by the lottery. Bingo is played with family, friends or at large gatherings of amateurs.

How to play bingo? Choose a leader among your guests. For example, a dynamic person with a sense of humour. He is called the shouter and turns a large metal wheel containing 150 numbered balls. One ball is drawn at random.

The crier announces the number. If the number is on a player's grid, he covers it with a token. The object of the bingo game is to be the first player to complete his or her entire grid of 25 numbers. The player must then shout BINGO. It's a lot of fun. A game to have fun during your family evenings or to liven up a birthday party, a simple and fun board game for all ages.

The bingo game is the perfect gift for all gambling enthusiasts. You are looking for a board game that is easy and accessible to everyone. You like to have fun with family or friends. The game of Bingo is a nice traditional game for hilarious moments. An original and fun gift idea for children, teenagers and adults. 


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With this complete bingo game, you can finally get together with all your friends and acquaintances to play this game of chance to have a good time and why not organized a bingo game to support your club, your committee, your association…

Mix and draw machine made of metal, complete with many accessories.

Ready steady go! 24 cards, 75 wooden balls, wooden covers, high quality wooden board.

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