Since prehistoric times, humans have been aware that it is very difficult to preserve food over the long term and, above all, to keep it fresh in the best conditions. So the prehistoric hunter had to gorge himself on meat, because as everyone knows, meat can only be preserved for a very short time and it was sometimes difficult to eat all the products of the hunt. But after noticing that their food spoiled quickly when it was in liquid (blood, juice, etc.), they decided to dry and salt their fish and meat and to dry the fruits (grapes, dates, etc.). Many groups have developed artisanal techniques to improve food preservation. 


Stamping is a technique for manufacturing and modifying objects from a flat, thin sheet of metal (a piece of metal obtained by rolling) whose shape cannot be developed from a mould (e.g. a one-piece car body).

The raw material that has not yet been stamped is called Becker. Stamping is a technique widely used in the household appliances industry.

Stamping is a technique of "plastic" deformation of the material: elongation or local constriction of the sheet to obtain the desired shape.

Stamping is done with very powerful presses. offers metal tins whose lids can be customised with a photo of your children, a photo of your dog or your pet or with labels dedicated to Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or any other labels dedicated to various events.

A box with a lid to personalise for a special original birthday, birthday gift ideas, for a birthday with an unforgettable date: what could be more fabulous! Birthday gifts to personalise, gifts to offer to whoever you want!

Round metal box with adult birthday label in numbers

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Round metal box with adult birthday label in numbers
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