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Viking game Kubb

Kubb is a Swedish throwing game and outdoor sport with similar characteristics to games like bowling, Mölkky and pétanque.

If you're looking for an original, festive game that's easy to play outdoors, this Nordic game is perfect for groups of 2 or more.

It's the perfect game as a gift for them, a birthday present for them, in short a gift for a birthday or small party. What's more, if you're really a champion thrower, you can take part in Kubb competitions.

In the competition, two teams use sticks to knock down their opponents' Kubbs (wooden blocks) and then the king placed in the centre of the game. The "Kubbs" are blocks of wood placed by 5 on each of the widths between the two stakes. A king is placed in the centre of the court.

There are Kubb tournaments just about everywhere, even in Belgium. A few years ago, RTBF (French-speaking Belgian radio and television) announced the 3rd edition of the Kubb (Attack) tournament.

The tournament would take place on a Sunday in the beautiful village of Anthisnes.

Teams must be made up of at least 4 players.

Everyone can have fun playing Kubb. It only takes a few minutes to understand the rules and can be played on a variety of surfaces, such as grass, sand, snow or even ice. Legend has it that the game dates back to Viking times.

It's an original wooden gift, an unusual gift for the summer or winter holidays, a gift idea for anyone, an original fun gift.