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Insulated bottle with...

Insulated bottle


"The first known bottles made of glass were created by the Egyptians around 1500 BC. The bottles were formed by placing molten glass around a core of sand and clay. The core was then hollowed out once the glass had cooled. Making the bottles was a long and complicated process, so they were considered a luxury item in ancient Egypt. Around 200 BC, glass bottles were made in China and Persia, as well as in Egypt, using a method of blowing molten glass into a mould. The Romans later adopted the same method and the technique spread throughout Europe in the 1400s and 1500s.

In France

1888, the Arsonval vase

An important step was taken by the physicist Arsène d'Arsonval (1851-1940), one of the greatest French scientists. He invented a revolutionary container, the d'Arsonval vase. In 1888 he introduced the first double-walled glass bottle with an internal vacuum. Although we generally use the isothermal bottle to keep our drinks hot, it was originally designed to store liquid air at very low temperatures for several days. His colleague, the physicist Violle, improved it by coating the inner surface with a thin metal layer to reduce radiation losses. Thus was born the very first isothermal bottle in France. With a height of 40 cm and a diameter of 20 cm, this hemispherical vase is made up of a highly insulating silver double wall with an internal vacuum.

An isothermal bottle to personalize has become essential!  You will discover that at of course. Original gift, customizable gift idea, unusual birthday gift, birthday gift ideas, birthday gifts


Giant dominoes

Dominoes can be played almost anywhere, whether they are made of wood or plastic. In the past, dominoes were made of bone or even ivory. So there are many different kinds of dominoes with countless variations, some of which are very amusing.

A domino is made up of simple blocks that can be combined and assembled in many ways from very simple to very complex. It is a game that requires and demands a lot of skill and strategy. There are Chinese, English and European dominoes....

Archaeologists have reportedly found dominoes in ancient Egypt and among the Arabs, but the origin of the domino is attributed to China around the 12th century. Dominoes first appeared in Europe in Italy in the 18th century and from that time onwards they spread throughout Europe.

Dominoes became the most played game in living rooms, pubs and families, becoming one of the most popular games. Dominoes are played by 2 or 4 people with 28 blocks. Each block is divided in two on the top side and has numbers (but not always), sometimes the same, but often different, but always unique.

The principle of the game is to take turns following a pattern with your blocks, block by block, trying to match the identical face of your block to the identical face of the competitor's block. When a player cannot place a domino, he picks a piece and passes his turn.

The winner is the one who has placed all his dominoes.

This giant domino is a classic game gift, an original gift idea for a birthday or an unusual gift for the holidays.


Gold coloured mug to customise

This golden mug personalized with your most beautiful photo will directly give you the impression of being rich and privileged even if it is not in real gold. Indeed, it is the colour of prosperity and luxury because gold was long reserved for the wealthy. The colour gold is also the symbol of fertility. It is therefore perfect for a photo of birth or for a baptism. A photo of your large family to offer to your grandparents. You are looking for a Zen gift, this personalized gold mug will be ideal because according to the Buddhist philosophy gold is associated with deep spirituality and the golden colour warms the heart and the spirit. On Valentine's Day, for the birthday of your beloved buddy, as a souvenir at a wedding, the gold background adds a glamorous touch to your romantic photo. This personalized gold coloured mug with a professional photo will also have an impact on your colleagues and customers. A photo of the logo on a gold background will add prestige and sparkle to the image of the company. We can also print a message such as "for a golden mom, a golden dad, a golden grandpa, a golden friend ..." An ideal gift to thank or to celebrate a golden person. The golden background goes well with all colors and especially with black and red.


Wooden empty wine box

A beautiful wine box with a remarkable handle and a unique closure, to be given as a gift with a good bottle of wine of your choice. Unfortunately, we don't sell wine. However, there are plenty of places to buy a bottle of wine.

Ideally, of course, the wine you choose should come from a great vineyard, so as not to devalue the container by harbouring a bottle of plonk, a bad wine. A wine box that stands out from the crowd, with a beautiful, original closure and an equally special handle that looks as if it came from the last century. This wine box is a long-lasting product that you can also give as a gift to someone else or keep for yourself, because it's a beautiful and useful object.

Containers and gift wrapping are often made of paper or cardboard, are often single-use and are not always inexpensive. Packaging that in most cases is thrown in the bin to be recycled in the best of cases. On the other hand, the wine box you received with a good bottle of vintage wine, or an original or rare wine, can be given as a birthday or anniversary present. A lovely gift to give to someone you really appreciate, such as a friend or why not your boss at an annual event. 

The choice of wine is vast: French wine from Bordeaux, Burgundy or elsewhere, wine from Italy, South Africa, Chile, etc. Each vineyard can offer remarkable, admirable vintages. These bottles of wine deserve a prestigious case, a dazzling box like this incomparable and very distinguished wine case.


Star Wars Elite Praetorian...

Protect the First Order! The Elite Praetorian Guard makes sure the great leader is protected. The guards are equipped with red armour and hunt down the rebels with bravery.

Star-Wars fans.

The elite Praetorian Guards were the guards of Supreme Leader Snoke, serving the First Order during the conflict against the Resistance. They wore red armour and robes reminiscent of the royal guards of Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine.


The name of the elite Praetorian Guards dates back to the time of the 14th Emperor of the Empire of Atrisia. The Guard consisted of eight sentries divided into four pairs, each wielding unique weapons. Each pair of guards wielded a different weapon: two guards, including the First Guard, wielded the electro-bisento, two others, including the Third Guard, wielded the Bilari electro-chain whip, two others, including the Fifth Guard, wielded the vibro-Arbir and the last two wielded the Vibro-Voulge. They were also trained in several martial arts such as the Bakuuni Hand, Teräs Kasii, Echani and techniques from Nar Kanij.


The elite Praetorian Guards confront Kylo Ren and Rey after Snoke's death.

Serving Supreme Leader Snoke during the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance, the elite Praetorian Guards were often found in Snoke's throne room on the Supremacy. They usually stood behind him and were ready to intervene.

Shortly after the Battle of D'Qar, when Kylo Ren went before Snoke and tried to stand up to him, the guards drew their weapons but then decided to put them away after seeing Snoke use Sith lightning on his apprentice. A little later, when Kylo Ren brought Rey to his Master, they again got into a fighting stance when Rey tried to resist Snoke by grabbing Kylo Ren's lightsaber. Finally, they prepared to fight Rey and Ren to avenge Snoke's death, which they had been unable to prevent. A violent duel ensued, during which they demonstrated their considerable combat power. Despite their fierce resistance, all eight Guards were killed by their opponents. The elite Praetorian Guards first appeared in the 2017 film Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Their name was taken from LEGO set leaks on 13 July 2017. The name was confirmed in an interview with Rian Johnson for Entertainment Weekly, in which the director said he was inspired directly by the Roman Praetorian Guard.


Star Wars Porgs

“Long ago in a far, far away galaxy”, little hairy birds called porgs lived on the planet Ahch-To, an ocean world dotted with small islands, without a single continent.

The Porg and its inimitable cry is undoubtedly the star of the trailers for the eighth episode of the intergalactic saga Star Wars, The Last Jedi, The Porgs were imagined to mask the cries of the puffins that inhabit Skellig Michael, the Irish island on which the scenes were filmed, as digitally erasing the puffins' cries would have been extremely labour intensive.

This adorable little bird lives in nests on the cliffs by the sea and feeds on fish that it hunts in the sea. It has thick plumage and webbed feet, no beak, but a flat nose and forward-facing eyes. The babies, called Porglets, are fed by the parents until they are old enough to fend for themselves. 

Inspired by both puffins and penguins, it was the director of The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson, who came up with the name of the Porg, and its appearance is memorable and fleeting. The Porg appeared in The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and Skywalker's Ascension. Extremely cute, the Porgs are a huge hit with children, a cuddly gift idea for the little ones and star wars best gifts for fans who like to collect characters from the saga. An original Star Wars gift to discover on Gifts-custopolis. com.


DIY candle kit

How many celebrations, birthdays and other sad events we would miss without candles. Candles were invented a long time ago. Back in the days of candles and oil lamps, before the 19th century.

In the old days, lighting was limited to candles, oil lamps and torches. These sources of light were expensive, dangerous to fire and inefficient. People relied on natural light and candles to illuminate their surroundings. In the Middle Ages, candles were a luxury reserved for the rich, while commoners often found themselves in darkness as soon as the sun went down.

For a long time, candles have been used for lighting purposes, consisting of a fatty substance (wax) and a wick to be lit.

Our artisanal gift idea DIY candle kit will make your family evenings cosy and fascinating, and will be at your service whenever you need it...

There's no need to go hunting for ingredients and trying to get everything together to make your own candle. This can quickly become hazardous, laborious and undoubtedly costly. With our DIY candle kit gift for home all you have to do is follow the recipe and you'll be able to strut your stuff in front of a friend or relative with a candle that's sure to please. This DIY candle kit special gift idea, can be used for a long time as a decoration on a piece of furniture in your living room or on a shelf in your hallway, before becoming useful at a birthday party, an end-of-year party, an evening out or simply during a power cut, which can sometimes last a while.

An original and educational gift to decorate the interior of a beautiful flat or house, DIY candle kit funny birthday gifts, unique gadgets gift ideas DIY candle kit to buy on


Jewellery box with label to...

From simple wood covered with velvet, much appreciated by the Americans, to the gilded bronze and lacquered marquetry so popular under Napoleon III, via esoteric versions in zinc and tortoiseshell, so many avenues were explored! Under the Second Empire, for example, the size of these cases was reduced, while being extravagantly decorated with gold leaf and ivory. In comparison, American jewellery boxes of the late 19th century appear more austere, and Victorian English boxes are often more voluminous and padded on the inside. Decorated with straight-edged geometric designs, they may have only a simple engraved cartouche as a touch of folly. Another key period for jewellery boxes, at the dawn of women's emancipation, was Art Nouveau and its "whip" shapes.

 The article we present to you is made of faux leather in a rectangular format to escape the standardisation of jewellery boxes, "Made in China" you have the opportunity to find decorations for almost every imaginable occasion: Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and of course, we can apply your photo on the lid of this jewellery box. Just choose the jewellery box with the desired decoration.

If you are looking for a gift with a decoration for a specific occasion, thanks to this jewellery box with decoration and text to be personalised, you decide on the event and the comment to add!


Heart cushion with birthday...

Heart-shaped cushion

 Don't waste any more time looking for a solution to give happiness! 

Choose a cushion in the shape of a heart on ideal as a personalised gift for your loved ones! Create it now with one of our designs or your own photos and have it printed in professional quality! 

Personalised heart-shaped cushion ?

The best way to choose the design that suits you best is to take a look at our product suggestions on, whether it's for a birthday, for mum for dad or for Valentine's Day, where you'll find all kinds of inspiration for every occasion and theme imaginable and much more!

What could be better?

The best way to describe this beautiful gift is to say that it's the perfect size, it's super sturdy and will last a long time, provided you take good care of it, of course! All you have to do is choose the design you like best and add some text. The design you choose will look great on this white heart cushion. 

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! Our cushions are made from high quality materials, so they offer great value for money if you want to give something special this year!

A heart-shaped cushion is a funny birthday gift that is magical and amazing 

Receiving a unique birthday gift heart pillow always surprises and is the best anniversary  gift idea to personalise. A heart cushion is a unique birthday gift from and is great for a festive occasion that will enchant you and decorate your home perfectly.

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