In 1764, in the United Kingdom, metal cans were adopted to contain the tobacco sniffed by the richest Englishmen. It can be estimated that these were the first containers, packaging of the modern era to preserve products.

Industrial manufacturing began in England (in South Wales) in the early 18th century, the main contributions being the mechanical rolling (reducing the thickness) of steel and its pickling. This technique spread to Europe and America. The techniques have been improved over the years and up to the present day, leading to different compositions such as aluminium, copper, etc.

Step by step many problems were solved and food packaging technologies were mastered, which led to many advances.

It can therefore be said that several objectives have been achieved:

  • preservation of perishable food and drink
  • packaging in times of plenty
  • more convenient transport of food to distant destinations
  • problems of seasonality
  • preservation and domestic use
  • ensuring the quality of food and liquids
  • but also cost savings sells metal tins whose lids can be personalised with a photo of your children, a travel photo or with labels dedicated to Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or any other labels dedicated to various events. 

A gift for Mother's Day? A metal box, a unique gift for Mother's Day! In addition, this metal box will be customised: embellished with your phrase and a label in honour of Mother's Day, gift ideas for mum.

Round metal box with Mother's Day label

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Printable area : diameter 146 mm

Shape : round

Dimensions : diameter 150 x 150 mm

Material : metal

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Round metal box with Mother's Day label
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