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    Coloured mug with label to...

    The progress of the human species has been made through many new small transformations in habits and ways of acting. One of these changes is undoubtedly the way of consuming and the instruments and objects used, as we have previously mentioned in our columns. Kitchen items have been renewed over time according to cultures and needs. 

    The mug is one of those illustrious everyday objects that have a history and whose usefulness is no longer in question.

    The mug is now tending to be rivalled by the mug, which is a large cup much more in tune with the times, used without a saucer. 

    A mug is therefore a large cylindrical container with a handle, used without a saucer, which looks like a mug and is used for drinking or measuring in Europe and Quebec, and only for drinking hot liquids in North America.

    A mug can also be made of clay, glass or enamelled metal.

    Its use varies from region to region and it can be decorated and personalised as desired. 

    Mugs can be of various simple colours, fluorescent, flashy etc. sometimes with a decoration or a colour inside the mug which can sometimes be very varied 


    A mug has the specificity of being able to be decorated according to one's taste and preferences. They are also available in different sizes and formats. 

    A colourful mug with a label to personalise is a nice gift for any occasion. A custom ceramic mug is a great personalised idea. It is a beautifully decorated mug enriched with your most loving words or wishes. The best coffee cup gift idea for your loved ones or to treat yourself. 


    Pocket belt to customise

    This small customizable cover with photo or text can be attached to all belts or straps of backpacks thanks to its fastener with velcro. Compact and pretty at the same time, it can be used as a pocket. Your keys will no longer make holes in your coat or pants pockets and will be quickly caught. You just want to take your keys, your ID card and some cash to get out of your house or to have essentials on hand. Your leggings, your pants, or your dress does not have a pocket. Hang this small holster on the belt and you can put a pack of tissues or your small bottle of hydroalcoholic gel in it. Personalize your cover as you wish. Choose one of your photo: your child, your friend, your logo, your football club or your hobby in short a photo of what you like and who looks like you. This belt cover is also a good idea to offer as a Father's Day or Mother's Day gift, for a birthday… Children will also love to walk around with this little cover hung on their belt to carry their treasures, toy cars, lol dolls, spinning tops,scoubidous or other fashionable little toys.


    White mug with label to...

    History of the cup

    Making a mug

    1) First of all, the raw material is put into a grinder and ground into a smaller, more manageable clay powder. The clay powder is combined with quartz feldspar and water in a mixer for 15 hours. 

    2) The refining process continues when the clay slurry is fed into moulding tubes and formed into clay balls which are cut into specific portions. The portion discs are placed in a disposable mould and take the shape of your cup.

    3) After drying, the mug is removed from the mould by hand and is ready for the next step. Processing the applications, the mud handles are made in the same way as the body of the mug. 

    4) Once the handles have dried and been removed from the mould, they are dipped into a mixture of clay and water called slip, which acts as a glue. Now it is time to work on the details.

    5) A technician carefully removes any excess clay or rough edges, removing any dust or debris and giving the cup a perfectly smooth finish.

    6) It is now time to give the mugs their characteristic colour and ceramic glaze. Some mugs are dipped in a single colour glaze, the edges are padded and they are ready for the next step. Other mugs need a little more Flair. For example, a specially painted rim or a different colour on the inside than on the outside. 


    Clock with adult birthday...

    Sundials and obelisks

    Ancient Egyptian obelisks, built around 3500 BC, are also among the oldest ghost clocks. The oldest known sundial comes from Egypt. It dates from around 1500 BC.

    Candle clocks

    The first mention of candle clocks comes from a Chinese poem written in 520 AD. According to this poem, the graduated candle, whose burning rate was measured, was a means of determining the time of night. Similar candles were used in Japan until the early 10th century.


    Hourglasses were the first reliable, reusable, reasonably accurate and easily manufactured time measuring devices. From the 15th century onwards, hourglasses were mainly used to tell time at sea. An hourglass consists of two glass spheres connected vertically by a narrow neck that allows a controlled flow of material, usually sand, from the upper sphere to the lower. Hourglasses are still used today. They were also introduced for use in churches, industry and the kitchen.

    Candle clocks were another timekeeping device used in the ancient world, from China to England to Mesopotamia. Chronometers were developed in places like India and Tibet and the hourglass (which was widely used throughout Europe) came a little later.

    Receiving a clock for your birthday with a decoration dedicated to a specific birthday, whether you are 20, 40 or older, is great : unusual gifts for birthday, best anniversary gift ideas and unique anniversary gift ideas for an event that is celebrated every year and that will remain unique. 


    Magic mug with child's...

    The magic mugs

    Every morning and often during the day and even in the evening, many people drink a hot beverage (and I must confess that I do too), whether it is tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup or another comforting drink. 

    At Gifts-custopolis.com you will find the perfect gift for Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day: a magic mug!  It's the perfect gift with hidden messages and/or a photo that appears when you put a hot liquid in your mug.

    With a personalised magic mug, breakfast or coffee breaks will always be fun and entertaining. It's also a great idea for a nice little gift, as we often don't know what to give at Christmas or any other time of the year.

    You will find a black or blue magic mug that we can personalise for you with a holiday photo, a photo of your mum, your children or with the photo of your choice, that you have sent us via our photo personalisation module, photo on the magic mug that can be embellished with your own personal message.  

    Moreover, we see more and more of these magic mugs, these thermo-reactive or thermochromic mugs. It is a really nice and fun gift for a friend or family member.  

    These unique magic gifts for kids are perfect for your child's birthday party. All his friends will be amazed by these gifts magic for kids that will be unique like your daughter, your son. These gifts ideas magic for kids are definitely cool and your child will want to show everyone his gifts magic for children and use his magical mugs for any occasion.


    Toolbox bottle openers,...

    Toolbox bottle openers, nutcrackers and accessories

    Taste dried fruit or enjoy a good bottle of wine with an original gift box that brings together accessories dedicated to wine and the art of tasting are accessories wine original gift ideas mother's day, great gift ideas for a birthday or father's day gift ideas Accessories wine

    Why do we offer a nutcracker? First of all, eating nuts has many advantages: they are richer in taste and nutritional value when they are freshly shelled. Eating fresh nuts is a great way to get out into nature! Fill up on oxygen and get away from it all.

    However, it's not easy to break the shells of dried fruits such as walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc. You can do this by cracking them between two stones or with a spatula. You can crack them between two stones or give them a sharp, measured blow with a wooden mallet to break the shell and extract the nuts intact. However, you do run the risk of injuring yourself. A nutcracker is much easier and less dangerous. 

    Another useful tool for opening bottles of wine is the multifunction corkscrew.

    First place your bottle on a flat surface, with the label facing your friends. Use the wine knife to remove the collar covering the cork. This will reveal the top of the cork. Take the screw and place the tip in the centre of the cork. When you reach the last notch, place the lever in the first notch on the side of the bottle neck and lift it slightly until you reach the second notch. Lift the lever a second time to remove three quarters of the cork. To prevent the cork from breaking, hold it firmly in your hand, pull slightly and that's it. Now you can move on to the most fun and interesting part: tasting!

    Wine thermometers are another useful tool for serving wine. 

    To fully appreciate your wine, you need to check that it is at the right temperature. Wine thermometers are another practical tool for serving and tasting wine.

    If the bottle isn't finished yet, a pretty decorative cork is perfect for storing your wine for a few days. 

    These unique accessories wine gift ideas for wine lovers are perfect.

    You'll find gift ideas for wine lovers and all these practical utensils in a beautiful metal toolbox at Gifts-custopolis.com. Accessories wine gift basket ideas for a wine lover, an unusual gift for wine accessories. Sturdy items with a sophisticated design that you or your loved ones will use for a long time.


    Trophy statuette on base

    This film statuette trophy is out of this world. Generally speaking, trophies take the form of a cup, an original sculpture, a work of design art or any other object presented as a work of art, which has the appearance of a piece of PVC, marble or wood, most often engraved, but very rarely a gold-plated human representation!  You'll agree that this statuette adds value. This statuette resembles the Oscars, which have been held in Los Angeles since 1929 to honour the best American and foreign films. So if you're a film lover, this statuette really is the perfect decoration. It's attractive and glamorous to decorate your home, and perfect if you're organising an evening with a seventh-art theme.

    Of course, we also sell other film-related gadgets, some of which you'll find on our Gifts-custopolis.com sales site. 

    This Oscar-reminiscent gadget can also be used as a reward for a child's good results at school or elsewhere. However, this statuette can also be used as a gift for a competition between friends about cinema, or as a birthday present, or why not as a small gift for a film lover at a party. You're sure to find plenty of other opportunities to give this statuette, which is emblematic of the cinema,.gifts you'll find on Gifts-custopolis.com


    Round metal box with...

    Various uses of tinplate "Workers or craftsmen making household or gardening utensils in galvanised steel, a profession that has practically disappeared, are also called tinsmiths (Tinsmiths are those who make or sell tools or utensils made of tin, often for household use, such as saucepans, basins, plates and lanterns. The term is also used to describe the workers and craftsmen who install and shape roofing structures in galvanised steel or another metal (zinc, copper, etc.). This term is used more in Switzerland and in certain French regions such as Savoie or Alsace. Metal boxes first appeared in the early 18th century. It was thanks to industrialisation that the marketing of iron cans in large quantities was able to develop. Previously, the containers were made of cloth, cardboard or wood. ifts-custopolis.com offers metal tins whose lids can be customised with a photo of your children, a photo of your dog or your pet or with labels dedicated to Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or any other labels dedicated to various events. Small Valentine's Day gift, a special white metal box with the ability to add a small love note, a great Valentine's Day gift, it is truly a unique and original gift for your lover's Valentine's Day


    XL Playing cards

    Who doesn't know the card game?

    A pack of cards is made up of a number of cards illustrated on the front side, of various subjects on a particular theme and all having a different value and decorated on the back with a common theme to the game to allow for anonymity when a player holds the cards in his hand. When the cards are collected in a pile it is called a card game and is a social game: as it is most often played in society but some card games can be played as solitaire games.

    Many regions have card games with their own specific traditions, practices and customs.

    The varieties of card games are important: yellow dwarf, canasta, rummy, poker, jass, bridge, crapette, belotte, tarot, battle etc... These games all have different rules, which can vary from one region to another. Some games are played with 32 cards and others with 52 cards or 54 with the 2 jokers.

    Some card games are dedicated to a single game and unusable outside a specific context, such as the monopoly card games ("Community Box" and "Chance") Monopoly, which elsewhere cannot be played without its two packs of cards. 

    Good fun, giant playing cards for a classic yet unusual party game gift with many possibilities. To play with friends, to decorate during a party, to do magic tricks or to build a house of cards...

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    But there are also other original and unique personalisation options with surprising images of atypical labels or works of art for a birthday, Mother's Day or Father's Day for example.   


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