Mechanical clock

A mechanical clock is a time-measuring instrument that tells the time by an originally entirely mechanical action. It is based on the combination of three functions: a driving weight for the rotary movement, a regulator such as a balance wheel and a display (a graduated scale and hands). The mechanical clock is the successor to the various horologia. The Romans, and before them the Egyptians and Greeks, had already developed time-measuring instruments that demonstrated great astronomical knowledge. The invention of the mechanical clock can be placed around the 1300s and appeared in Western Europe at the end of the 13th century. Originally, it was a weight motor and foliot. A foliot is a vertical pendulum that controls the energy supplied to a wheel by a weight.

The motion is then transmitted to gears that drive the movement of the hands. A weight suspended from a rope provides energy to the machine, while a system of rods and foliots periodically interrupts the fall of the weight. By placing the weights at each end of the foliot, the rhythm of the back and forth movements can be adjusted. The low precision of this mechanism, from 1 to 2 hours of deviation per 24 hours, renders the minute hand useless, and it will undergo a long evolution and an important diversification over the centuries.

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Clock with birthday label in numbers to personalise
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