General Terms and Conditions of Sale


1.     Scope

2.     Client (buyer)

3.     Delivery term

4.     Delivery and delivery costs

5.     Proposal, prices, and modifications

6.     Availability

7.     Invoicing

8.     Cancellation right

9.     Intellectual rights

10.   Payment

11.   Languages

12.   Privacy

13.   Disputes

14.   Customer service and Company name and address

1. Scope

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to any product order completed through Neaxia Management's online store (www. The Client’s (buyer’s) General Terms and Conditions, if any, do not apply.
Any variation from these General Terms and Conditions will only be applicable subject to express and written authorization of Neaxia Management.

2. Client (buyer)

Any individual having a business relationship with Custopolis to buy merchandise sold on

3. Delivery term

Gifts-Custopolis hereby agrees to comply with delivery terms as indicated on its website. However, these terms do not constitute a rigid deadline because regulations on mail-order sales (Art. 81) state that the seller is obligated to execute the order no later than thirty days from the day after the day the client sent his/her order. With the exception of force majeure (see below), in the event of failure to execute the contract by seller (Custopolis), the contract is annulled by right, without prejudice to the right to receive potential damage compensation.

Custopolis accepts no responsibility and will not be liable in the event of force majeure, delivery delays, stock shortage at the supplier’s, or non-execution of the delivery as a result of the following: one of several strikes, floods, fires, etc.

4. Delivery and delivery prices

Products will be delivered at the delivery address provided by Client (buyer) on the order form and according to the mode and prices specified on the website, exclusively in the countries covered by Custopolis’ delivery services.  Prices will be determined according to the following parameters: weight, priority, and distance of the delivery. These prices may be viewed on the Custopolis website. Client (buyer) is obligated to verify the packaging condition of the merchandise upon delivery, describe any damage due to transportation on the delivery slip, and notify Custopolis within one week.

5. Proposal, price, and modifications

Merchandise proposals and prices, as well as delivery prices, are valid on the day of visit to the Custopolis website; they may be modified at any time, although these modifications will not affect both parties’ obligations regarding orders previously confirmed by Custopolis. If applicable, any rate change of the Belgian VAT may be immediately applied to the posted prices.
Prices indicated at the end of the ordering process are global prices and include, unless otherwise stated, the Belgian VAT and administrative fees, if any. Prices are in Euros.

6. Availability

Custopolis product offers and prices are valid while they can be viewed on the Custopolis website, as supplies last at Custopolis or at its suppliers. In the event of product unavailability, Client (buyer) will be notified and may cancel his/her order by contacting Custopolis customer service (see contact information under Article 14). In any case, Custopolis will not be held responsible in the event of damages resulting from a product's unavailability.

7. Invoicing

Custopolis only provides an invoice, as described in the legislation on VAT, to the professional Client (buyer) (professional purchases) and insofar as the latter enters his/her VAT number or, for lack of it, his/her business number or national number in the appropriate field.
If the (professional) Buyer wishes to receive an invoice with an address different than the delivery address, he/she may, upon ordering, specify an address by validating the appropriate option on the order form and entering the correct information.

Custopolis does not provide invoices to consumers. However, in some cases exclusively provided by law, Custopolis is obligated to send an invoice to the Buyer’s domicile.
In all cases, a delivery slip is provided with the ordered items/products upon delivery.
The price invoiced is the price indicated on the accessible part of the Custopolis website at on the day of order.
8. Cancellation right

In compliance with the Belgian law of July 14, 1991 regarding commercial practices and consumer protection and information, the Buyer who acts as a consumer (as defined in Article 3 of the law) may not exercise his/her cancellation right as described under paragraph 2 for contracts regarding:

2° The provision of products made following consumer’s specifications, clearly personalized items, or items that, because of their nature, cannot be returned or could deteriorate or become rapidly outdated.

9. Intellectual rights

Client has exclusive intellectual rights on all material (logos, drawings, photos, etc.) sent to us and he/she has the right to use it; in this regard, he/she is solely responsible towards third parties of any violation of clauses regarding intellectual property protection and he/she guarantees (Client) against any third party claim.

10. Payment

In general, orders sent through the Service are payable by credit card or home banking, respectively, through a secure server or a Custopolis partner.
With credit card use, authorization will be requested from your financial institution at the time of the order.  Custopolis remains the owner of sold products until full payment is rendered.

11. Languages

Custopolis offers online ordering procedures to Clients (buyers) in three languages:

- Dutch, French, and English

12. Privacy

In compliance with the Privacy Chart posted on the Custopolis website, and to which it is referred, Custopolis agrees to comply with the law of December 8, 1992, regarding privacy protection pertaining to personal data processing.

13. Disputes

Any dispute regarding the use of the Service and the application or interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale will be exclusively governed by Belgian law.

14. Customer service and Company name and address

For any question or claim regarding conformity of products delivered by the Service, Buyer may contact

 Neaxia Management

SPRL (limited company)

Siège social Avenue des Gerfauts 10/34, 1170 Watermail-Boitsfort

VAT: BE0885 987 211