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Targeted people

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Books to personalise are available in Spanish, Italian, French and English

Deliver presents: comics to his family, the homies to show them our sympathy.

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An important event deserves to be in the headlines. We immortalise this event for you with “your newspaper front page”. A personalised gift for a birthday, a birth, a success or any other event to celebrate. Thus, the hero of the day will have his photo and his article on the front page of the gazette of “his” village, of “his” city. The person of your choice on the front page is an original idea for an unusual gift. The front page of the newspaper, the “front page” or “cover” is the most important page of a newspaper; it has to be attractive, it presents above all the important subject of the moment with a photo. For you, we incorporate the photo and the name of the person of your choice accompanied by the headlines of the day from a national newspaper in English, French or Dutch. Create a surprise by offering an A3 size poster of a newspaper front page with your hero of the day on the front page. A decorative gift that is sure to please your loved ones. A fun gift for mum's day, a Christmas gift for dad, a special gift for a friend, a surprising gift for a retirement, a personalised gift to say thank you. All occasions are good to offer “your first page of the newspaper”: a personalised decorative gift.

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