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A gift from Gifts-custopolis for fans or for your pet to show your gratitude.

You love your dog, your cat, thanks to Custopolis you will certainly find a gift that will make your pet happy. For all pet fans for whom you are ready to personalise a gift, a gift you will be very proud of.

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Christmas bauble to...

Christmas baubles are a must for decorating the Christmas tree. The tradition of a decorated tree is ancient since the Celts already decorated a tree, a symbol of life at the time of the winter solstice.

A Christmas ball which historically was shaped like a ball and which today can take many forms. Over the years, Christmas decorators have made Christmas ornaments out of different materials such as glass or plastic, etc.

The prices of these "Christmas baubles" range from a few centimes for those mass-produced to several tens of euros for the "artisanal baubles" created by glass-blowers and artists. Lovers of Christmas enchantment are prepared to spend staggering amounts of money to obtain decorations, Christmas balls that become more and more incredible every year.

The Christmas bauble that we offer is the ideal gift for the festive season, for the lovers of Christmas decorations who are more and more numerous nowadays. The Christmas bauble with a photo is an original gift for a very successful end-of-year party. A gift to offer to your dad, mum or grandmother, with a photo of the children, the newborn baby or why not a photo of the grandparents during their trip inside the Christmas bauble. Offer a beautiful decorative object to embellish the family Christmas tree every year.


Aluminum bone pendant to...

Are you looking for a nice little personalized gift, a dog birthday gift, a pet Christmas kdo idea, a personalised dog accessory? We offer you this aluminium pendant in the shape of a bone where we print for you one of your beautiful photos that you took of your puppy or your friend's dog. An original gift idea for animal friends. You can also treat yourself by hanging this small object with a pleasant design on your key ring or on your backpack. So the photo of your pet accompanies you everywhere. Your pet is part of the family and deserves all your affection. Unfortunately he could get lost during a walk. It is therefore essential to find him a dog identification tag. We can print your phone number and animal name on the bone pendant. This pendant is easily attached to your friend's collar with its connecting ring. A dog disc is reassuring to quickly find your favorite animal. In addition to being useful, this tag for the best friend of the man is pretty with its original bone shape, your doggie will be elegant and protected.


Heart magnets to...

Magnet, electromagnet or magnetic plate, whatever the term used, it is the ideal object to place on your fridge. Often small, not too expensive, it is the trinket that many people bring back from a trip to the other side of the world or from the last closer holiday to the sea, the mountains or a city trip in a romantic and,or unforgettable city. Magnets come in all shapes, but often stamped with the "Made in China" stamp. Magnets found in souvenir shops in a holiday destination often lack originality and therefore are often identical in all tourist shops in the city or resort where you are staying. Magnets come in all shapes and sizes, but unfortunately most of them are industrially manufactured in Asia. However, none of these magnets will be personalised with the photo of your latest baby, your children or whoever you want. Heart-shaped magnets are obviously very nice to convey a message to your beloved to your grandchildren or for your children. Five magnets, it is obviously a great opportunity to communicate, to offer beautiful magnets with 5 photos of the newborn, 5 photos of your son's wedding as a souvenir for Mother's Day, Father's Day or 5 souvenir photos of your holidays.


Clock to personalise


Since time immemorial, people have tried to tame time.

Thanks to scientific discoveries and technical innovations, the measurement of time has gradually been mastered. For thousands of years, people have measured time in a variety of ways, including following the movements of the sun with sundials, using water clocks, candle clocks and hourglasses. Our modern basic 60 time system, a clock with periods of 60 minutes and 60 seconds, dates back to 2000 BC in ancient Sumeria (the southernmost region of ancient Mesopotamia).

History of clocks; 

"Time is money", they say, but the history of clocks is long and fascinating. The measurement of time is one of the earliest developments of mankind and time has changed greatly since ancient times.

The birth of clocks to measure time:

A clock is a time-measuring instrument that usually tells the time continuously. The word comes from the Latin horologium, "that tells the time", itself derived from the Greek ὡρολόγιον (formed from oρα, "time", and λέγειν, "to tell", λόγιον, "to tell"). Since ancient times, the Latin term 'horologium' has been used to refer to any instrument capable of indicating time, which has often led to difficulties in interpreting ancient texts. Thus, a sundial, a water clock, an astrolabe, a nocturlabe, a mechanical clock were called "horologia".

A clock with a photo of your holiday by the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside. There's nothing better to cheer you up when the holidays are over or when the weather is not good. These are custom photo gifts, photo gifts ideas, to personalise gifts photo, to personalise with photos