Heart magnets to personalise (5 pieces)

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Magnet, electromagnet or magnetic plate, whatever the term used, it is the ideal object to place on your fridge. Often small, not too expensive, it is the trinket that many people bring back from a trip to the other side of the world or from the last closer holiday to the sea, the mountains or a city trip in a romantic and,or unforgettable city. Magnets come in all shapes, but often stamped with the "Made in China" stamp. Magnets found in souvenir shops in a holiday destination often lack originality and therefore are often identical in all tourist shops in the city or resort where you are staying. Magnets come in all shapes and sizes, but unfortunately most of them are industrially manufactured in Asia. However, none of these magnets will be personalised with the photo of your latest baby, your children or whoever you want. Heart-shaped magnets are obviously very nice to convey a message to your beloved to your grandchildren or for your children. Five magnets, it is obviously a great opportunity to communicate, to offer beautiful magnets with 5 photos of the newborn, 5 photos of your son's wedding as a souvenir for Mother's Day, Father's Day or 5 souvenir photos of your holidays.

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Description: Plastic sticker i.e. for fridge. Printable on one side. 2mm thick. Round: 63mm.

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Heart magnets to personalise (5 pieces)
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Are you looking for a personalised gift idea? We offer an unusual gift shoulder bag with photo. An original gift for Mother's Day, a useful gift for a birthday. A nice gift for Christmas. Choose one of your photos: a family photo, a souvenir photo or a cute photo of his cat … A nice practical bag to take your belongings everywhere with you. To use every day, to carry your reusable bottle, your picnic and all the little things useful for the day, the ride or the shopping. At last a personalised shoulder bag where you can place the photo that will remind you the beach of your last holiday or the photo of the beautiful flowers in your garden. A bag personalised according to your desire is still more pleasant than the common bag bought at the usual store. What better than a timeless accessory like the shoulder bag which allows us to be free to move. A nice practical bag that looks like no other because it is personalised with a photo. Offer a sentimental gift that displays your most beautiful photo chosen according to who you want. This personalised bag with photo is also suitable for an original child gift because it can be used for a walk, a school trip or to go to the pool or dance.


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Your fridge door is sad and empty; decorate it with these personalized magnets.  You are looking for a home decor gift to share your most beautiful memories and you remember good times: we print your prettiest photos on these magnets. A wonderful idea for collectors, complete your collection of magnets and decorate your kitchen: display your pretty family photos or your beautiful vacation photos.

A gift for animal friends: funny photos of your cat or dog printed on a magnet. A photo of the children, of mom or why not friends, a holiday photo, I don’t think that there is more pleasant decoration to place on the family fridge or on the fridge of the office. An idea for the happiest day of your life and that’s a great idea to offer to your guests too and immortalize your wedding.

Your logo printed on an original support to promote your brand and to offer a nice personalized magnet to your customers. You can offer these souvenir photo magnets like a holiday souvenir to friends or anyone else. These photos will remain forever in your memory thanks to the personalization of the magnets: an unforgettable and unique gift to share with your mom, dad, grandparents and friends.


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A personalised clock A clock to personalise with a special decoration for our mother, the most important person in our lives. It's mother's day gift ideas, original gift ideas mother's day, gifts for mum, unique gift for mother's day A personalised clock with a poem is a gift for mom or for granny. A nice Christmas present to leave your mother a lasting testimony of your affection. A comforting gift to offer, a nice and unique souvenir from her daughter or her son. A poem on a clock! A gift out of the ordinary, but which will allow your mom when she watches the time to see all the love you have for her through a poem. Personalised poem with the emotions you bring to her. You want to thank mom because she is always there to listen to you, to help you. You want to show her all your love with pretty words. A wall clock with a personalised poem for mom will certainly please her and will always be in view whether in the kitchen, the entrance hall or the living room. A great idea for an original decorative gift for Mother's Day, for her birthday or to thank her for her help during your move or for something else… How would you do without your mom who is always available and so nice. Show all your love with a personalised gift that is both useful and decorative.


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In the United Kingdom


1892, the Dewar vase

The Scottish chemist and physicist Sir James Dewar (1842-1923) was the first to produce liquid hydrogen, which was the coldest substance ever produced.

To store this cryogenic material at very low temperatures, he constructed insulated boxes from cork, hay or crumpled newspapers, but none of these solutions held the liquids sufficiently. He then discovered and improved the Arsonval vessel.


In 1892, he proposed his version of the double-walled glass vacuum flask that bears his name, the Dewar flask. It takes the form of a glass balloon with a straight neck. The narrow space between the two walls is almost entirely free of air, this partial vacuum prevents heat conduction and convection for better insulation. He added silver as a metallic coating to prevent radiation. This invention eliminates any possibility of heat transfer by conduction, convection or radiation. He hired a professional glass blower to make a stronger balloon. In 1898, he used this container to transport and introduce liquid hydrogen to the world.

An isothermal bottle to personalize it has become mandatory!  You will get that at Gifts-custopolis.com undeniably. Unusual gift for, kdo idea for, customizable gift idea, birthday gifts for, unusual birthday gift.