Magnet, electromagnet or magnetic plate, whatever the term used, it is the ideal object to place on your fridge. Often small, not too expensive, it is the trinket that many people bring back from a trip to the other side of the world or from the last closer holiday to the sea, the mountains or a city trip in a romantic and,or unforgettable city. Magnets come in all shapes, but often stamped with the "Made in China" stamp. Magnets found in souvenir shops in a holiday destination often lack originality and therefore are often identical in all tourist shops in the city or resort where you are staying.

Magnets come in all shapes and sizes, but unfortunately most of them are industrially manufactured in Asia. However, none of these magnets will be personalised with the photo of your latest baby, your children or whoever you want. Heart-shaped magnets are obviously very nice to convey a message to your beloved to your grandchildren or for your children.

Five magnets, it is obviously a great opportunity to communicate, to offer beautiful magnets with 5 photos of the newborn, 5 photos of your son's wedding as a souvenir for Mother's Day, Father's Day or 5 souvenir photos of your holidays. 

Heart magnets to personalise (5 pieces)

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Description: Plastic sticker i.e. for fridge.

Printable on one side.

2mm thick.

Round: 63mm.

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Heart magnets to personalise (5 pieces)
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