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Let your imagination run wild and have fun creating a personalized bib with text or photo. A personalized bib is a nice gift for birth or baptism with a funny phrase, an amusing and useful gift at the same time. A Christmas gift for toddlers or for any other occasion. You are looking for a timeless and original gift idea for newborns. Your child will be irresistible and super comical with his personalized bib. With this original bib we can print the first words of your boy or girl. Treat your little guy or your little princess by ordering the bib of their dream. Improve your child’s meals with a bib with the photo of his grandma, his family or why not his cuddly toy or his favourite animal. This sometimes difficult and even long moment will be more fun because Granny will seem to encourage baby… A bib with his first name for the nursery or for the school canteen will be very practical. Your little one will be well protected and he will be proud to recognize his bib alone as a big one. Make a joke and give your friends a hilarious birthday present: a bib with a text well-chosen and adapted to the situation. Laughter is guaranteed!

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Description: 80% cotton 20% polyester.

Velcro fastener.

Blue border on the periphery.

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Bib to customise
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Rabbit mini light pink

The rabbit is undoubtedly a very nice pet, recognizable by its long ears, soft coat, small bushy tail, two teeth and a small muzzle that moves without stopping. It is a friendly animal that can be stroked and is loved by all children.

They love to watch them on the farm and give them carrots. Like Panpan in the Walt Disney cartoon Bambi, the rabbit taps the ground with its hind leg to alert the other rabbits in its colony. A really sociable and cute animal.  

Fear of the dark is normal in young children. The mini nightlight rabbit is undoubtedly a solution to reassure your child when it's time to go to bed. Its soft, changing lights are ideal for calming down and making your child feel safe. After 15 minutes, the nightlight goes out, as it is better to sleep without light for a restful sleep.

During the day, the little rabbit becomes a pretty decoration in the bedroom. A clever, comforting, relaxing gift to offer for a birthday, a birth or a baptism. You can also give this little rabbit at Easter, because according to tradition, it is the Easter bunny who decorates the chocolate eggs and distributes them on Easter morning.


Backpack to customise

This backpack to personalise with your favourite photo encourages you to play sports, do your daily walk or go to school with gusto. Offer an original backpack, with a funny little message to amuse friends and passers-by. The backpack with the photo of your logo is ideal as an advertising object to personalise. Used by your employees and your customers, it conveys the image of your company daily on the street, in public transport… A children's backpack to personalise to go to the swimming pool, the sports club or a school trip.With his first name to quickly recognise his bag or to easily find its owner. A backpack customisable according to your tastes, with a beautiful image free of rights found on the internet or a photo taken by yourself: a beautiful motorcycle, a landscape, an animal, a dinosaur, a beautiful photo of your child on a bike, of your couple in front of the Eiffel Tower, the logo of your archery club, your cat chasing flies, your prettiest azalea in bloom in your garden … Birthday gift for kids, nice gift for teenagers, useful gift for man, original gift for woman, Christmas gift idea, Valentine's Day gift or for yourself everyone needs a backpack. A unique gift because you can be sure that with this personalised backpack you will come out of anonymity.


Coloured mug with adult...


The progress of the human species has been achieved through many small changes in habits and ways of acting. One of these changes is undoubtedly the way of eating and the utensils and objects used, as we have mentioned previously in our articles. Kitchen items have diversified over time according to cultures and needs. 

The mug is one of those illustrious everyday objects that have a history and whose usefulness is no longer in question.

The mug is now tending to be cannibalised by the mug, which is a large, much more fashionable cup used without a saucer. 

A mug is a large cylindrical container with a handle, used without a saucer, which looks like a mug and is used for drinking or measuring in Europe and Quebec, and only for drinking hot liquids in North America.

A mug can also be made of clay, glass or enamelled metal.

Its use varies from region to region and it can be decorated and personalised as desired. 

Mugs can be of various common colours, fluorescent, flashy etc. sometimes with patterns or colour inside the mug which can sometimes be very varied 


A mug has the characteristic of being able to be decorated according to one's taste and wishes. They are also available in many sizes and formats. 


Trivet tile to customise...

Trivet tile
Buy unusual and original kdo tiles, incomparable and unique personalized surprises, funny or unique gifts all is possible from Gifts-custopolis-gifts.com

In some countries, it is called a trivet, in other countries it is called a table mat or  hot pad.  For short, there are many names for this indispensable object, but it is always the same kitchen utensil that is placed under a very hot dish. This accessory is really necessary on a table, so you might as well choose one that looks good.

You can easily decorate a table, without ruining yourself, thanks to a trivet decorated with a masterpiece. You can choose from the 10 most popular works. Many people love works of art, but don't have a masterpiece at home. The most popular paintings are Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Picasso, Munch, Van Gogh, Monet, Dali and Klimt. Art has its place almost everywhere, even on the table. This will undoubtedly make you want to find out more about these painters. This under-floor tile decorated with a masterpiece will create a sensation among your guests. 

Decorative tiles or tile art are to be distinguished from mosaics, whose shapes are made up of a large number of small tesserae (small pieces of marble, stone, glass paste or ceramic, the basic material of a wall or floor mosaic) placed irregularly, each of one colour, usually of glass or sometimes of ceramic or stone. There are different tile patterns, such as herringbone, quincunx, squares, stacks, reels, Versailles parquet, matted tiles, art tiles, diagonals and encaustics, which can vary in size, shape, thickness and colour.


It is therefore the ideal and original gift that can be given as a Christmas present, as a New Year's gift, but also for grandma's birthday party or as a wedding present. An original personalised kdo for any occasion, big or small.