Why do children and teenagers love scientific experiments so much? Because some scientific phenomena have a magical aspect! Would your child or teenager like to go to wizard school with Harry Potter so much? He is passionate about magic and scientific phenomena, offer him the red crystal and let him wonder and question himself. Have fun experimenting at home with this fun kit and create a pretty red crystal.

Little by little, the crystal will transform and grow. An incredible gift, a fun visual experience, an extraordinary discovery for the whole family. Children are by nature curious about everything. And to grow their scientific fibre, there's nothing like a fun visual experience, a gift idea for science buffs, perfect for those who love to observe, experiment and discover the world. An impressive scientific gift for young curious people, for those who love discovery. Are you looking for an unusual gift for Christmas or a birthday for a young researcher?

A fun scientific gift to arouse your child's curiosity. An unusual gift to play like the experts. An unforgettable experience that is easy to make. You can give your child a taste for science by offering to create a red crystal. In addition to amusing him, this kit will stimulate his curiosity and who knows how to trigger a vocation.

Wonder crystals Red

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Translucent crystals have always a magical side. Magic that you can see when a sunbeam goes through the crystal.

Furthermore you never get tired of this gift according to the directing of the lighting, the fascination about the play of light changes permanently.

Recommended minimum age From 12 years.

Bright red crystals make nature tangible.

Every day the crystal will grow a bit more.

Fascinating! Experimenting set with everything you need to let it grow.

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