Any jewel, brilliant, necklace, brooch, ring, diamond, pearl and any jewel, prestigious or not, deserve a lot of care, delicacy, precaution

Of course, we could put our treasures in a safe deposit box at the bank, but then we would not be able to enjoy them every day nor contemplate them when we want to. So a case, a box, are in my opinion the best solutions, to receive and preserve these various ornaments, moreover these containers are dedicated to this function. It would be a real pity and not very rewarding to store these "precious" items, as Gollum said in the Lord of the Rings, in anything: like a simple cardboard box, a woollen stocking, or even a plastic bag. Jewellery boxes come in many different shapes and materials: solid gold, gilded bronze or glass, and these containers can also have many different shapes. According to the prestigious Drouot house, some jewellery boxes date back to the time of the priests of ancient Egypt who would have fashioned them in order to collect cult objects.

The object we offer is made of faux leather in a rectangular shape to escape the standardisation of jewellery boxes, "Made in China". You have the possibility to find decorations for almost every imaginable event: Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and of course we can apply your photo on the lid of this jewellery box. Just choose the jewellery box with the desired decoration. 

Small Valentine's Day gift, a special Valentine's Day jewellery box with the possibility to add a little love note, unusual Valentine's Day gift, it's really an original and unique gift for your loved one's Valentine's Day.

Jewellery box with Valentine's Day label to personalise

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Jewellery box with Valentine's Day label to personalise
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