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It’s true, it’s not always easy to be a mom, especially when little monsters do stupid things, but on mom’s day they make her fall in love with a kindly gift that she forgives them all! Whether she's a cake mom, a cuddly mom, a sporty mom, a busy mom, a funny mom, a Zen mom, a demanding mom, a cooking mom, a comforting mom, a sweet mom, one thing is certain, your mom loves you deeply and this for all your life. It's your turn to please her especially on this mother's day because it is a special time to express your love. Offer this pretty cup placed under the sign of tenderness, it is decorated with a heart to show all your affection. To make this mug special and signed, we print your first name (s) on it with a little message “happy mother's day”. Change the usual mug into an engaging and unique gift. Mom will use it very often when thinking of her dear young and old children. Her coffee break will be a time when her thoughts will naturally go to her little darlings she loves and she will remember that happy day when you gave her this little gift with love. A nice surprise which mom will enjoy for a long time and very often. A nice attention for a unique person who deserves all your love.

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Description: Premium quality, high gloss, diswasher and microwave save Height: 95mm Diameter 80mm 360gr

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History of the cup

Tea was introduced during the Chinese Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD). The more than four centuries of Han Dynasty rule are widely regarded as one of the "golden ages" of Chinese history. 

With the beginning of the Han Dynasty, the pottery industry developed and many types of vessels appeared on the market.

The need for a container to drink tea led to the development of the cup, especially the handleless cup in China. Europe discovered tea in the 17th century with the development of trade relations between East and West, but Europeans preferred to drink their tea very hot. The handle was therefore invented in Europe by the German Johann Friedrich Bottger in 1707.

In France, the ordinances of 1699 and 1709, which restricted the use of precious metals, encouraged the development of ceramics, particularly earthenware and porcelain, which played an increasingly important role in the creation of cabarets (lunch services) for serving exotic drinks. Throughout the 18th century, there were many innovations in decoration, technique and form.


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The Mikado is for those who do not know, a game consisting of many chopsticks, which are painted in several colours, each colour having a different value. The first step of the game is to gather all the chopsticks vertically and on their tips. Then you release them so that the pile is as untidy as possible and the chopsticks are nested on top of each other. Then the game consists of removing one stick at a time from the pile, but the main goal is not to move the other sticks.... You can remove one stick above or below the pile.

If unluckily you move the other sticks you immediately pass your turn and the opponent can play. You can continue to remove sticks until you have moved one or more other sticks.

At the end of the game, the points accumulated are added up, so if you have managed to take the sticks worth the most points by taking the most badly placed but most valuable sticks you will be declared the winner. 

Obviously, the added value of the game we offer is the size of the game which is Giant, so it is a game to offer as an original gift, an unusual gift as a kdo idea for a young person, a perfect board game gift. A birthday gift idea for older children.  


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History of the cup

The mug as the perfect gift for everyone


The main way to personalise a mug is by writing designs and texts on it.

For example, you can write motivational phrases, photos or drawings or your company logo. This boosts self-esteem, especially if the object is a gift and has a special meaning.


Although it is a common object, the mug, the best coffee cup to buy on Gifts-custopolis.com, is a remarkable gift. Our custom mugs are gifts that you can use to please a loved one, friend or colleague. With a little imagination, these personalised mugs can become a source of joy and memories. Indeed, mugs are generally very affordable and easy to obtain.

Our cute mugs are original gifts that can be personalised for the person who will receive it.

A morning coffee and hot chocolate lover would love to have her own unique and inspiring mug. You can have cool coffee mugs : a mug printed with funny jokes or pictures or a mug with a photo.

It is also possible to have something that is particularly appreciated by the individual printed on it. For example, flowers, favourite animals or characters from comics and science fiction or a personal photo to personalise magic mug



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To play Ludo (small horses or dada in France, Belgium), you need to be four and have a dice and 4 counters, farm animals or small horses whose colour corresponds to the starting box. The colour is drawn at random before starting the game which runs in the same direction as the clockwise direction. To start the race in this little gift game, the participants must roll a 6, which then allows them to get out and stand right in front of the box.

The number 6 allows them to play again. To progress on this game, gift ideas for children, participants must roll a dice and move their mount forward by the same amount. If you roll a 5, for example, and you arrive exactly on a square where there is already an opponent's pawn, this pawn will have to go back to its stable and start the game again and you will take its place on the board.

The winner is the one who arrives first at the centre of this ideal board game gift and ideal birthday present, while crossing the ladder opposite his starting "box" at the end of a compulsory turn of the board. To climb up, the number indicated on the ladder must be achieved: One on the one, two on the two, etc. Obtaining a different number does not allow you to move your horse or, in this case, your farm animal forward. Who will win the race? The donkey, the sheep, the mouse or the cow? A nice gift for children who love animals.