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What is the most traditional gift for dads? A tie of course! But to make this classic gift more original we can personalise it for you with a photo and a text: for example the photo of the youngest who has just been born and the first name of the cherub. Unusual gift for Father's Day, during the birth of the long-awaited little one or for any other occasion to spoil his dad, his companion, his spouse, his friend. For car lovers, take a picture of a pretty vintage car or a racing car depending on the tastes of the person wearing the tie. A nice plane for aviation enthusiasts, a photo of a guitar or any other instrument for music lovers, a photo of the favorite animal…. For an open day or for every day at work, a tie with the logo and the name of the company or association is a good way to identify yourself with your customers or visitors. You will be well dressed while showing your belonging at first glance. For an exceptional event or for every day, for employees or volunteers, the personalised tie is ideal. For a particular event, a personalised tie is a dream accessory for the occasion and a nice souvenir.

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Description: Delicate soft. 100% polyester. Diagonal textured. Length 1400mm. White or silver

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Stainless steel vacuum flask The stainless steel vacuum flask is still quite often called."Thermos" by a number of people."Thermos" is a term that has become a common name today in the Cambridge dictionary. It is the company Thermos L.L.C. that has registered and is registering the thermos trademark. It is thanks to Sir James Dewar, a chemist and physicist of his time, who discovered the production of liquid hydrogen and therefore imagined a vase to preserve the temperature of the product which later became a vacuum flask. Sir James Dewar made an insulating container, called "the Dewar Vase", to be able to confine liquid hydrogen at very low temperatures. The container has two glass walls, separated from the outside by a vacuum, in which the liquid hydrogen is placed at low temperature.This makes it possible to reduce the temperature loss in relation to the surrounding environment. To be able to observe the photo of the family dog, of its newborn grandson or of the beach where you have spent an unforgettable holiday is a unique privilege that you can obtain thanks to this vacuum flask that we customise for you. It is a unique gift for a birthday, Christmas party or retirement or simply when you want to bring your personal coffee to the office.


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The main way to personalise a mug is by writing designs and texts on it.

For example, you can write motivational phrases, photos or drawings or your company logo. This boosts self-esteem, especially if the object is a gift and has a special meaning.


Although it is a common object, the mug, the best coffee cup to buy on Gifts-custopolis.com, is a remarkable gift. Our custom mugs are gifts that you can use to please a loved one, friend or colleague. With a little imagination, these personalised mugs can become a source of joy and memories. Indeed, mugs are generally very affordable and easy to obtain.

Our cute mugs are original gifts that can be personalised for the person who will receive it.

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The main purpose of a candle is to provide light, and it is made up of a fatty substance (wax) and a wick. The fats were of different origins: beeswax for the wealthiest or tallow for the common people. However, glycerine replaced beeswax and tallow at the beginning of the 19th century. The oil lamp was a fierce competitor in the Middle Ages. In fact, the word candle did not appear in the French language until the Middle Ages. The original colour of candles was yellow, and since then there have been many variations in the colour and shape of candles, small or large, personalised, and now there are candles in many different scents.

Never leave a candle unattended, and keep it away from flammable objects and in as open a space as possible.

Follow these safety tips and you'll be able to enjoy your candle to the full.

Nowadays, candles are no longer a source of lighting or emergency lighting. Nowadays, candles are used for festive occasions, such as birthdays, or as symbols in religious ceremonies.

The world of candles is vast. There are also candles that run on electricity (conventional or LED) or batteries.    

Nevertheless, a real candle is always nicer, friendlier and warmer on a table at a birthday or end-of-year party. 

 The candles we offer are very original, in the shape of a champagne bottle.

The champagne bottles candles are original gift ideas, perfect for a birthday or small celebration.