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This small customizable cover with photo or text can be attached to all belts or straps of backpacks thanks to its fastener with velcro. Compact and pretty at the same time, it can be used as a pocket. Your keys will no longer make holes in your coat or pants pockets and will be quickly caught. You just want to take your keys, your ID card and some cash to get out of your house or to have essentials on hand. Your leggings, your pants, or your dress does not have a pocket. Hang this small holster on the belt and you can put a pack of tissues or your small bottle of hydroalcoholic gel in it. Personalize your cover as you wish. Choose one of your photo: your child, your friend, your logo, your football club or your hobby in short a photo of what you like and who looks like you. This belt cover is also a good idea to offer as a Father's Day or Mother's Day gift, for a birthday… Children will also love to walk around with this little cover hung on their belt to carry their treasures, toy cars, lol dolls, spinning tops,scoubidous or other fashionable little toys.

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Description: Bag for mobile in a dark jeans, suitable for all current models. Size: 120x50x30mm. Printable flap. Back with velcro clip.

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Pocket belt to customise
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Although they are safe, there are few scientific studies showing that salt lamps have any real effects on health. However, users report that they have a real impact on their stress levels. 

Salt lamps are ideal for improving well-being. Their orange light is relaxing. In chromotherapy, the colour orange promotes reconnection between body and mind and soothes us. They are recommended during a meditation or yoga session to create a relaxing environment. They are also calming when working at the computer. 

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