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Wheel of Fortune

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A friendly game adapted from the famous TV game show. Have fun at home as if you were on TV. Organising a lottery or a game of chance on the occasion of a fancy-fair, fair, birthday or any other celebration will no longer be an impossible mission, thanks to this wheel of fortune that will amuse young and old alike. This wheel of fortune is a great support for lottery games, games of letters, numbers or any other game from your imagination. Numbers from 1 to 30, letters from A to Z and four jokers! Installed on the stable solid wood base, the wheel rotates easily on your table. Be creative and invent lottery games. Try your luck. For example, if the wheel points to the letter A, look for a star name starting with the letter A. The first one to find it wins a point... Another suggestion: turn the wheel if it indicates the number 8, you have to make 8 small jumps to win the point. If the wheel falls on the joker you win the point easily and effortlessly. It's up to you... The Wheel of Fortune is undoubtedly an original and fun game to play at home, a board game to play with your children at home, a game of chance to have fun with your friends... A nice and original gift to offer at Christmas, or on the occasion of a birthday.


To organize any lottery or a game of chance upon a kermis, a charity fete, a birthday or any other special occasion will not be an impossible mission anymore, thanks the wheel of Fortune which amuses young and old. This wheel of fortune is a fantastic accessory for lottery, word games or invented games by figures from 1 to 30, letters from A to Z as well as 4 jokers! The wheel can be twisted safely on its solid wooden stand and the single fields are equipped with wooden sticks which make a funny sound when touching the "stopper". From 7 years 0.9kg size:340x410x340 mm

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