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Do you find that the clocks sold in stores are not to your liking or lack of personality? You seem to see the same wall watch everywhere. Look no further, you can customize this clock as you wish. We print on the dial a photo or a text. Dig into your best photos and select one of a loved one or a place you love. You love animals take a nice photo of a horse, a pony during your walk or photograph your little four-legged friend. The custom clock is a deco idea to give a fun touch in the home, office, waiting room or any other place. The personalized watch is a great idea to offer a unique and useful gift. A nice photo of your children or your family to offer your parents, grandparents, your godfather or godmother ... a pretty image free of rights with the first name of your daughter or your son to individualize his room which will be decorated according to his personal tastes. The logo and name of your company to decorate your premises while giving the time. A proverb or motto to show your ideas, your convictions or a hilarious quote to amuse your friends. Everything is possible.


Diameter: 200mm, with black plastic frame. With MDF clock face and movement

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Wall clock to customise
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Mothers day poem to customise

As the French writer Jean Gastaldi puts it so well in “Le Petit Livre de maman: Une maman est un porte-bonheur pour la vie” “A mom is good luck for life”. It’s true because she loves us with all her heart. For Mother's Day or for her birthday, it is really important to show her our affection in turn. We offer you a personalised poem where you could express your feelings, there is probably no better gift, nor more beautiful way to say all the love that we have for our mother. Make up a message to introduce the poem: for example, “For you dear mother” Then, you express a feeling to finish the poem and to sign it, for example “With all my heart. Your little Nanou “And to add a final touch, you can, if you wish, choose a rose or heart shaped seal. This lovely poem can accompany your mom's birthday gift to fill and move your darling mom. Mother's Day is a unique opportunity to spoil her mom, nothing better than a nice poem to express our tenderness. Offer or send your beloved mom words of affection with this personalised poem to say I love you for a special occasion, for Mother's Day or to wish her a happy birthday.


Round metal box with label...

History of tinplate

According to Wikipedia: "The invention of tinplate dates back to the 13th century and is attributed to Bohemian and Saxon metallurgists. The secret of its manufacture was long and carefully kept. At Colbert's request, this material was imported into France by German technicians. The first tinplate factory in France was founded in 1665 in Beaumont-la-Ferrière in the Nièvre. Others were established in Franche-Comté, Alsace and Normandy. However, they soon collapsed under the competition from the English and Welsh, who were masters in the art of tinplate manufacture. Tinplate production remained the prerogative of Great Britain, which supplied the entire French demand until the last years of the 19th century.

"Tin was originally produced sheet by sheet, by dipping in molten tin after careful pickling. The modern process of tinning is done by electrolysis on a steel strip that runs at high speed. This tinning strip serves as the cathode, the anode is made up of pure tin bars, which supply the electrolyte with Sn2+ ions. The electrolyte consists of 4-hydroxy benzene sulphonic acid (HO-C6H4-SO3H) and various adducts. The thickness of the deposited tin depends on the aggressiveness of the intended contents (e.g. the acidity of sauerkraut is more demanding than powdered baby formula). This "sandwich" alloy of steel and tin has good hardness and guarantees high corrosion resistance. It is a non-toxic alloy, which is why it is used extensively in food packaging.


Thanks to Gifts-custopolis.com, you can offer a box with a lid to customise. Of course, you have many choices of labels for a Father's Day, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day gift and you can also make a gift for the occasion that you determine yourself. 

 You are looking for a gift with a decoration for a special occasion, unique idea for a secretary, an amazing gift for women, thanks to this metal box with decoration and text to personalise, you decide on the event and the commentary to put on it!

Chess, checkers and chessboard

History of t
he chess game

A chess game is a 64-square board on which two players compete by strategically moving each of their 16 pawns and whose goal is to defeat the opponent by "checkmate" - the irrevocable defeat of the king. The game is played and enjoyed by strategists around the world. But who is behind such an invention?

Who invented the chess game?

Beyond the legends, the date of birth of the game of chess depends on the more or less broad definition given to it. Games consisting of moving pawns on a grid have been discovered since the third millennium.

Although chess is now considered to have originated in India around the year 600, different versions contradict each other as to who invented it. The theory that the game originated in China before moving to India has some supporters.

According to one of them, a sage named Sissa invented this strategic game and offered it to an Indian prince for his entertainment. At that time, the term chaturanga was used. The game takes the form of a 64-square chessboard and is played by 4 players (2 teams of 2). Each player has a king, a rook, a knight, a bishop and four pawns.


Jewellery box with label to...

From simple wood covered with velvet, much appreciated by the Americans, to the gilded bronze and lacquered marquetry so popular under Napoleon III, via esoteric versions in zinc and tortoiseshell, so many avenues were explored! Under the Second Empire, for example, the size of these cases was reduced, while being extravagantly decorated with gold leaf and ivory. In comparison, American jewellery boxes of the late 19th century appear more austere, and Victorian English boxes are often more voluminous and padded on the inside. Decorated with straight-edged geometric designs, they may have only a simple engraved cartouche as a touch of folly. Another key period for jewellery boxes, at the dawn of women's emancipation, was Art Nouveau and its "whip" shapes.

 The article we present to you is made of faux leather in a rectangular format to escape the standardisation of jewellery boxes, "Made in China" you have the opportunity to find decorations for almost every imaginable occasion: Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and of course, we can apply your photo on the lid of this jewellery box. Just choose the jewellery box with the desired decoration.

If you are looking for a gift with a decoration for a specific occasion, thanks to this jewellery box with decoration and text to be personalised, you decide on the event and the comment to add!