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Dinosaurs are creatures that have always fascinated young and old alike, as they were giant, impressive and imposing animals.

There were many varieties of dinosaurs, some flying, others roaming the earth; some were bipedal, others four-legged. Some were carnivorous and others were herbivorous. They had either crests, horns and many other appearances. These dinos dominated and reigned supreme millions of years ago. Their reign, undivided over the whole earth, lasted several tens of millions of years and ended in an apocalyptic catastrophe that still frightens us today: the fall of an asteroid that caused their disappearance. There are many films retracing the frightening adventures or not of these dinosaurs, such as Jurassic Park. In the clan of the nice dinosaurs, there are for example: "Little Foot" in "The Dinosaur and the Valley of Wonders", "Rex" in "Toy Story" and "Denver" in "Denver the Last Dinosaur".

These films of gentle dinosaurs have generated the attraction of younger people to dinosaurs in various forms. The dinosaur that we offer has several undeniable assets for him: it lights up, changes colour, has a 15-minute timer and moreover this dino is very friendly.

It will delight the little ones as well as for children as a birthday present, as a Christmas present and for parents an asset for children who are afraid in the dark.


- MINI Dhink night light DINO green

- Color changing LED

- Including cell batteries 3 x LR44 

- Toujours minuterie de  15 minutes 

- Taille 9 x 7 x 5 cm

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The mug is one of those famous instruments of our daily life that have a history and whose usefulness is no longer in question.

The mug is now tending to be rivalled by the mug, which is a large, much more fashionable cup used without a saucer. 

A mug is a large cylindrical container with a handle, used without a saucer, which is equivalent in appearance to a cup and is used for drinking or measuring in Europe and Quebec, and only for drinking hot liquids in North America.

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They are thought to purify the air and, due to the emission of negative ions, they partially neutralise the action of electromagnetic radiation and help combat insomnia.  The salt crystals emit negative ions, an effect that is increased by the heat generated by the lamp. These negative ions will then counteract the positive ions, naturally present in the atmosphere due to air pollution. The lamp will then have a cleansing effect.

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- The number of possible moves of a knight is 122 million.

- During the Second World War, many code breakers were chess players. So it is a question of arithmetic in both fields.

- The expression "checkmate" comes from the Persian expression "Shah mate", which literally means "the king is dead".

- In theory, the longest chess game has 5,949 possible moves. In practice, the longest game of all time was played in 1989 by Nikolic and Arsovic. It lasted 269 moves and ended in a draw. 

- According to the American Chess Association, there are 169,518,829,100,544,000,000.00 0,000,000 ways to play the first 10 moves of a game, which gives you many opportunities to surprise your opponent

-Chess legend Nona Gaprindashvili is suing Netflix for $5 million, accusing the production of lying about her story in the series The Queen's Game.

- Russia's first tsar, Ivan the Terrible, died in front of a chessboard in 1584 while preparing to fight Boris Godunov. This story is known thanks to the English ambassador of the time who reported the fact to Queen Elizabeth I, herself a great chess player.


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Others see in them the mark of the Templars or the Freemasons who used these containers to conceal compasses, mallets, small trowels, crosses and cords. "In any case, the existence of jewellery boxes is clearly attested as early as ancient Rome where, in families, the woman was the custodian of the particular seal of the house which served to seal the cases containing the precious objects. Indeed, as a Ladies' Manual from 1833 reminds us, precious stones and gold jewellery must be perfectly protected from humidity and preserved from any dirty or greasy contact: "It is advisable to rub them from time to time with a piece of white or chamois leather"and then place them in the "jewellery box". In French, the word "écrin", synonymous with "boîte à bijoux" (jewellery box), is originally derived from the Latin word "crines", meaning "hair", and was used to preserve souvenirs made of hair. Later on, the use of Jewellery boxes was extended to include all the useful and necessary accessories for the embellishment of the head: earrings, necklaces and combs. Nowadays we add bracelets, chains, rings, etc. " The item we present to you is made of faux leather in a rectangular format to escape the standardisation of jewellery boxes, "Made in China". You have the opportunity to find decorations for almost every imaginable occasion: Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and of course we can apply your photo on the lid of this jewellery box. Just choose the jewellery box with the desired decoration. A jewellery box as a birthday gift, an original birthday gift idea is already very good, but with a work of art as a decoration on the lid it becomes totally admirable, birthday gifts for an art lover!