Metal box with anniversary label in figures
  • Metal box with anniversary label in figures

Round metal box with anniversary label in black and gold numbers

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Conservation solutions

The discovery and development of ceramics was a major step forward in the preservation and storage of certain liquids, such as wine and various drinks obtained after distillation or fermentation and therefore containing alcohol. This made it possible to preserve liquids in hermetically sealed ceramic containers. These tightly sealed containers were indispensable for their preservation.

Another preservation solution that humans used several thousand years before Christ was cold or freeze-drying. Freeze-drying means freezing the food and then dehydrating it to remove the liquid.

Each era has brought advances in food and liquid preservation.

The Romans introduced brine and vinegar as a preservative, resulting in marinade. Then came sodium chloride and acetic acid, which were mankind's first preservative food additives. After that, benzoic and sorbic acids, natural preservatives present in certain spices, cinnamon and cloves, helped Marco Polo's travels.

In the Middle Ages, tobacco was added, also a preservative additive, but also the formaldehyde found in wood smoke, which allowed the smoking of many foods.

Gifts-custopolis proposes metal tins with a lid that can be personalised with different decorations: Mother's Day, Secretaries' Day or professional birthdays, with an unforgettable holiday photo or with a photo of whoever you want.

A metal box decorated with a gold coloured birthday label! Ideal birthday gift, it is a very nice gift for an original birthday, original birthday gift idea, perfect gift for someone you love.


Printable area : diameter 146 mm

Shape : round

Dimensions : diameter 150 x 150 mm

Material : metal

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Round metal box with anniversary label in black and gold numbers
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Giant Wooden Dice Set

Dice are used in many games. The best known are played with 2 dice like Craps, with 3 dice like 421 or with 5 dice like Yahtzee or Yams. Reiner Knizia, a world-renowned German game designer, reports that he has found 150 different dice games, which he explains in his book Dice Games Properly. Dice were found in the Indus civilisation in 2400 BC. Dice identical to those we know today have been found, with 6 sides and 6 small holes. Generally cubic with 6 sides usually numbered from 1 to 6 and therefore the values of the opposite sides is equal to 7.

Dice have also been used as objects of divination. The Greeks claimed to be the originators of dice. According to Sophocles, the dice were invented by Palamedes, a Greek hero in Troy during the siege. Archaeologists have found dice in Troy. Ancient Greek vases also show Trojan war heroes playing dice.

However, the dice we offer are larger than usual. These giant dice will please many players, both young and old. These dice are therefore perfect as birthday presents or as gifts for a party with friends. An original wooden game gift, to learn many dice games and have hours of fun.


Himalayan salt crystal...

What is a salt stone lamp?

Have you heard of salt stone lamps (and candle holders)? A unique and comforting decoration to create a warm atmosphere in your home. 

The lamp is suitable as an accent light in a bedroom or living room. Its purpose is not to illuminate the room, but to give a feeling of well-being.

They are thought to purify the air and, due to the emission of negative ions, they partially neutralise the action of electromagnetic radiation and help combat insomnia.  The salt crystals emit negative ions, an effect that is increased by the heat generated by the lamp. These negative ions will then counteract the positive ions, naturally present in the atmosphere due to air pollution. The lamp will then have a cleansing effect.

Although they are safe, there are few scientific studies showing that salt lamps have any real effects on health. However, users report that they have a real impact on their stress levels. 

Salt lamps are ideal for improving well-being. Their orange light is relaxing. In chromotherapy, the colour orange promotes reconnection between body and mind and soothes us. They are recommended during a meditation or yoga session to create a relaxing environment. They are also calming when working at the computer. 

Receive a lamp or a candle holder in salt of the himalaya via it is very pleasant, whatever the object in salt of the himalaya, it will bring you a good being of which it will be difficult to do without and which will decorate perfectly all the interiors. It is thus the gift to be offered or to be acquired, a unique home decor, home decorating ideas, the idea for a trendy gift 


Star wars Jedi Alarm clock

An alarm clock is a device that produces a sound at a pre-determined time set on an appropriate system by the owner of the alarm clock. 

It may be a device designed for this purpose, generally a clock, or other devices with an alarm function, such as a computer, radio, television, watch or mobile phone.

However, these days there are many different types of alarm clock, from the simplest to the most complex and sophisticated.

Personally, I need three alarm clocks to open one eye, especially in winter.

The first electric alarm clock was created by the American Levi Hutchins in 1787. Thanks to this young apprentice watchmaker who, according to legend, had trouble getting up in the morning. He developed an ingenious alarm clock, but did not market or develop it. Antoine Redier, a French watchmaker and inventor, was the first, in 1847, to register a patent for a mechanical alarm clock with adjustable settings…

At the end of the 19th century, alarm clocks became an essential part of the daily lives of millions of workers and employees. In the United States, the Ansonia brand produced round alarm clocks topped with a bell. In France, Japy in Franche-Comté and Bayard in Haute-Normandie began producing competing models. In the early 1930s, Japy enjoyed great success with its "Silencieux" model (rubber dampens the sound), while Bayard marketed the very popular "Sonnfor", "Tapageur" and Mickey Mouse and then Snow White animated alarm clocks.

You love special gadget gifts and you are looking for a fun Star Wars gift idea for Star Wars fans who will be delighted with the training ball, a unique Star Wars gift that Luke Skywalker used aboard the Millennium Falcon in Episode IV: A New Hope. A Star Wars gift idea for fans of the saga, an original Star Wars birthday gift idea at


Star Wars Plush R2-D2 with...

R2D2 is a small robot from the Star Wars saga, an iconic character for all fans who have followed the adventures of good versus evil for many years.  R2D2 is present in the majority of the Star Wars films, in 10 of the 11 films so far (2021).

R2D2 is a robot that speaks in electronic language and makes special whistling sounds that are understood by few, but understood by his companion C3PO, another "droid" robot, who forms an inseparable and amusing pair in the intergalactic adventure. The pair that forms R2D2 and C3PO has appeared in practically all the Star Wars episodes. 

In this saga R2D2 has multiple assets that are often very useful in the war against the dark side: recording and projecting holographic films, projecting electric current and getting into the computers of spaceships thanks to an articulated arm that connects to the computer network. In this way, the friendly droid finds a lot of important information in the fight against the dark side.  

Several small actors have taken turns to wear the R2D2 "suit".

This R2D2 cuddly toy is sure to please as it is an original Star Wars gift for Star Wars fans and a great Star Wars gift idea for young and old.