It can be said that an oracle is someone who calls himself divine and practices divination.Divination is the ability to augur, to predict, to speculate, to foresee events that could happen in the future. The oracle transmitted predictions that are most often peremptory and absolute... The oracles date back to ancient Greece and Zeus was undoubtedly the first oracle in history. By extension, it can be said that the prophets, in the Judeo-Christian tradition, were oracles who brought divine messages from God.

Our game is based on the same principle of transmitting divinatory messages. However, with our Oracle, we talk more about fun than about real divinatory messages. Our Oracle allows you to have fun without any pretension and thanks to chance... The goal here is only to have fun thanks to a big magnetic ball which stops on a funny and not serious answer to a question you ask. Will I win the lottery in the next draw?

Are you finally going to clean your desk? Will I meet the woman of my life? Will I win the most beautiful cat competition? The answers are far from serious. This game is an unusual gift idea, a Kdo idea for a teenager, for the office, an original gift idea for a woman, a man or for whomever you want.


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In antique Greece, the oracle was a deity who answered your question often existential.

Today you don’t have to go to Greece to find an answer to your questions thanks to this fun and beautiful tool.

This oracle will be a gift that your family, your friends or whoever you want will like.

Do you have questions about yourself and don‘t know how to find the right answers? You will surely find this magnetic pendulum helpful!

Set the sphere on the bar in motion and let the pendulum decide – from "Yes" to "Ask a friend", it‘s really helpful for little thoughts and decisions.

On the black-painted base board, this pendulum becomes a nice decoration to your room.

  • 100x150x230mm
  • 0.18kg
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