The choice of images for the puzzles is infinite...It can be a landscape, a monument, a beautiful car. However, here, it cannot be said that this game meets the criteria of a simple puzzle. The puzzle is generally a game based on the principle of reconstructing an image, a flat or 3-dimensional object based on the initial image of the game before it is dislocated, the image that most often accompanies the puzzle.

But here, it is you who imagine the image of the puzzle. Here is the original gift, the unusual gift, a gift that is both a game and a means of communication, a very good system to display a little message for mom's birthday from daddy or whoever you want. This puzzle can be used as a bulletin board for a party, for the proverb of the day, for a reminder or for a message for your lover(s) or any other announcement or note that you want to let the children, your partner or relatives know. Of course, this type of display already exists, but none of them is in colour and even less bright! 

This puzzle can also be used to start reading and writing. The bright, colourful cards are more motivating and fun than an often sad and unattractive black and white board. This puzzle can also be used to spread the mood of the moment, a stopwatch before an event such as: day-5 before the holidays... Moreover, the led lights are therefore good for the planet and your wallet... 

Shiny Plug-in Puzzle

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Everyone has ever dreamed of making a shiny message to tell his affection, his love.

Thanks this message to plug-in you can give free rein to your imagination.

You will make splendid shiny messages and in colour which will leave speechless the one who will see the message.Coloured shiny birthday wishes, declarations of love, expressions of thanks or wonderful pictures can be made with this plug-in puzzle!Hundreds of plug-in pins can be positioned in the desired motif and battery-powered LED lights will let them shine.

  • 390x290x50mm
  • synthetic
  • 5+
  • female, male
  • 2.64kg
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