Star Wars X-Wing Fighter aircraft cuddly toy

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Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, the X-wings were the most representative fighter planes of the New Republic and the Rebel Alliance. In the Star Wars universe, the X-Wing (a fighter plane) is a class of cosmic fighters. The X in the name comes from its X-shaped appearance.

Over the course of the episodes, there have been many versions of this flying warplane.

T-65, T-70, AC-4 and many other variants of the X-Wing, so X-Wing is its generic name.

The designers of this fighter initially worked for the Empire however all the engineers changed camp to join the Rebel Alliance carrying in their luggage all the already elaborated prototypes. Each version of the X-Wing has different armaments, however many are the common points and all are able to travel in hyperspace.  Today the aircraft of the future that can be found in the boxes of real companies such as Dassault are called:”Future Combat Air System” or FCAS which is an international project of a combination of interconnected military air assets. 

It is therefore a latest-generation fighter aircraft supported by UAVs whose interconnection is via a combat cloud (internet).

Obviously, it is only a project for land fighter aircraft. 

For interstellar fighters, we can continue to dream thanks to the X-wing teddy bear from the Star Wars saga. The X-wing cuddly toy is therefore more than ever a great birthday present for everyone or as a gift for the end of the year. A collector's item, a must for fans of Star Wars.


The X-Wing Fighter is the home of Poe, both figures from the seventh Star Wars episode.

Together they zoom through the galaxy.

The 20 cm long fur fabric figure features brown shades with yellow markings.

The plane is equipped with cannons at the side which are naturally harmless.

A great toy for loyal Star Wars fans.

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