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Are you looking for a symbolic gift idea to declare your love? Would you like a small gift for romantic events such as Valentine's Day, your dating or wedding anniversary or for the day you live together? You are looking to please your darling even if there is nothing to celebrate, just like that! Offer a passionate and personalized love letter with your two names and affirm your commitment and your love. You don’t know how to tell her your love or you want to proclaim your passion like on the first day: this letter is a nice token of your passion. This very personal gift will overwhelm certainly his heart. Because as Antoine de Saint Exupéry said “le plus grand bonheur après que d'aimer, c'est de confesser ton amour”(the greatest happiness after loving is to confess your love). However, you find it difficult to put words into your romantic feelings. This love letter with your two first names is an original way to declare or express your love. The text of the letter is generated by software and allows personalization by adding your two first names. This romantic letter can accompany and enrich a nice gift for the loved one and thus further move his sweetheart or his beloved.

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Seal (emblem)=1€90 Seal where distinguishing marks of a sovereign authority, a constituent body or an ordinary person are engraved hollow and are applied on a soft material, wax or lead, so that the realized imprint in relief attests; the authenticity, the authority, the validity of the documents on which it is affixed, or the clauses to hide their contents. Source:CNRTL A4, Paper colour: Cream, G/m²: 80g/m².

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White mug with father's day...

History of the cup

Mugs (and cups)


Mug, cup, bowl, bowl, container, tumbler...

Different definitions

- Cup: A cup is a small container with a handle, often made of earthenware or porcelain, designed to hold a hot drink (coffee, tea, chocolate, milk, herbal tea, etc.).  

- Mug: A large cylindrical cup with a handle. A mug is usually simpler in shape and somewhat larger than a cup. Because of this shape, the mug is a popular object to put an image on.

 Expressions : 

French expression “Boire la tasse” : When swimming, it sometimes happens that you involuntarily swallow water. This is called drinking the cup. The expression is a variant of the old expression "to drink from a big cup" and appeared towards the end of the 18th century and its figurative meaning is "to fail".  

- It's not my cup of tea: it's not my favourite thing to do, it's not my favourite activity; this expression is a literal translation of the same expression in French ("Ce n'est pas ma tasse de thé"). Dat is niet mijn meug in Dutch.

Etymology cup 

Old English cuppe, , from Late Latin cuppa "cup" (source of Italian coppa, Spanish copa, Old French coupe "cup"), from Latin cupa "tub, cask, tun, barrel," which is thought to be cognate with Sanskrit kupah "hollow, pit, cave," Greek kype "gap, hole; a kind of ship," Old Church Slavonic kupu, Lithuanian kaupas "heap," Old Norse hufr "ship's hull," Old English hyf "beehive." (etymonline.com)

A special Father's Day gift mug is the most essential for this unique occasion to give an unique Father's Day gift. You can select a background dedicated to fathers and decorate this mug with your personal message for your father who supports you and helps you in everyday life.


Magic mug with birthday...

A little science.


The reaction logic of a magic mug.

Most mugs are made of ceramic, others of glass, metal, etc., as we explained in our article on mugs which you can read on our blog at https://custopolis-gifts.com/2-10-mugs/ . Article on our blog where you can find the whole history of the mug.

Of course, not everyone uses the same ingredients and materials to produce a mug, so it's a matter of adjusting the recipe, planning for a change at some point.

You've probably seen a coffee mug with hidden messages or photos that suddenly appear as if by magic when you fill it with hot water. There is something fascinating about this personalised mug, hence the name magic mug, and this magic is an impressive example of thermochromism.

By adding a heat-sensitive paint, the magic can happen. This type of paint is sensitive to the temperature change that occurs when a boiling liquid is added to a mug at room temperature. 

This manufacturing process is not new and has been used for many years for products that change colour when heated by a heat source: toothbrushes, toys, stuffed animals. The system is therefore the same as for the magic cups.

Magic mugs are  magic birthday gift ideas, perfect for a birthday party, especially when a key number is reached, by pouring hot water the numbers appear. Magic mugs are perfect as unique anniversary gift ideas to personalise.  And are suitable as a fun magic birthday gift for her or him. The magic mug, an original magic birthday gift, will surely be a good memory of a unique moment.


Clock with birthday label...

Mechanical clock

A mechanical clock is a time-measuring instrument that tells the time by an originally entirely mechanical action. It is based on the combination of three functions: a driving weight for the rotary movement, a regulator such as a balance wheel and a display (a graduated scale and hands). The mechanical clock is the successor to the various horologia. The Romans, and before them the Egyptians and Greeks, had already developed time-measuring instruments that demonstrated great astronomical knowledge. The invention of the mechanical clock can be placed around the 1300s and appeared in Western Europe at the end of the 13th century. Originally, it was a weight motor and foliot. A foliot is a vertical pendulum that controls the energy supplied to a wheel by a weight.

The motion is then transmitted to gears that drive the movement of the hands. A weight suspended from a rope provides energy to the machine, while a system of rods and foliots periodically interrupts the fall of the weight. By placing the weights at each end of the foliot, the rhythm of the back and forth movements can be adjusted. The low precision of this mechanism, from 1 to 2 hours of deviation per 24 hours, renders the minute hand useless, and it will undergo a long evolution and an important diversification over the centuries.

Having a clock as a birthday gift with a decoration dedicated to a specific birthday, 20 years, 60 years or more, is fun: unusual gifts for birthday, best anniversary gift ideas and unique anniversary gift ideas for an event that is celebrated every year and that will remain unique. 


Plate to customise

An excellent choice of unusual and unique gift is to offer a personalised plate with the photo of the toddler for his baptism or of the couple celebrating their… th wedding anniversary or grandparents for their party or for any other reason… A traditional but very important gift, a decorative gift to immortalise your most beautiful moments, a gift that will stand the test of time. A souvenir gift idea for a wedding anniversary, a birth, a baptism, a communion… To offer mum for her Mother’s Day or her birthday, a plate decorated with a funny photo of the children with their dad who each holds a balloon in the shape of a heart. A nice gift for mum, she can display it near her bed or in the living room. Gift to give to dad for his Father's Day or his birthday and another plate with another equally hilarious photo of the children with mum this time. Thus, each of the parents will have their personalised plate. As an original Christmas gift, if your child loves to draw, a beautiful plate decorated with a photo of his prettiest drawing will please grandparents immensely, or godparents. A decorative gift personalised according to his imagination, to offer for all occasions.