Thanks to this box of shiny beads and accessories, those with a little or a lot of imagination and inspiration will be able to create admirable jewellery or accessories to offer, to give to a girlfriend or friend to thank them for their help, to show their love, their support or to comfort them. The shiny aspect is undoubtedly an asset for those who are attracted by everything that shines under the light and the spotlights.

Necklaces made at school with macaroni are great, and the teachers take inspiration from pretty pearl boxes like the ones we offer to make necklaces to give as gifts on Mother's Day. You can also sew these glittering beads to decorate a bag, a hand-stitched case or a knitted garment of your own. The glittering beads and accessories add a personal and refined creative touch.

This box of glittering beads and accessories is definitely "the" gift for a young, teenager or older person who loves creative hobbies. For a friend's or sister's birthday, you can give this rich box of shiny beads and accessories as a gift. But this gift is also perfect for a New Year' s Eve party, Christmas, Santa Claus' Day and any other event. However, it doesn't have to be a special occasion to give a small creative gift.

Pearl and Accessory set: shine

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With this set of beads of various colours, many shapes, fun and funny accessories you can adorn for example a handbag.

Today, thanks this set of pearls customization has become a child’s play.

It is an ideal gift for crazies about sewing, to offer for a birthday party or any other special occasion.

Practical box with lots of different beads, little stars and pendants in the shape of fruit and fasteners.

A great set to make wonderful items of jewellery in your own design studio!

  • 100x200x35mm
  • synthetic
  • 3+
  • 0.24kg
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