It is towards the end of the Middle Ages that traces of Christmas baubles can be found in French manuscripts in the department of Bas-Rhin in France, more exactly in Sélestat. This tradition spread to Germany where the trees were decorated with flowers, fruits and especially apples.

Fir trees appeared on church forecourts in the Middle Ages and are a reminder of the tree of lost paradise. However, one of the trees that keeps its leaves or thorns is the fir tree.

Church obliges, these trees are decorated with hosts, apples and round pastry.

The first ornamental Christmas baubles hung in Christmas trees appeared in the 19th century around 1830 and were made by glass blowers and were called "Kugel". The Christmas ball was considered a grigri, a good-luck charm against evil spirits. To make shiny Christmas balls, craftsmen used mercury or silver nitrate in their blown glass.  

Today we offer you to decorate these Christmas baubles with a work of art, but not just any work of art, a reproduction of a work of art chosen from among the most popular paintings. Offering this Christmas bauble with a reproduction of a work of art is really the ideal unusual gift, a kdo idea for mum, for grandma. However, it is also very pleasant to give yourself a small gift with a reproduction of a work of art to decorate your Christmas tree. 

Christmas bauble to customise with an artwork-Top 10

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Photo Christmas ball ornament for 2 photos, size Ø 78 mm.

Photo Christmas ball ornament

Made from plastic and includes a red velvet ribbon for hanging.


The purposes of this photo ball are extremely diverse. It can be used not only as a Christmas tree ornament, but also as an accessory for advent or as a voucher.


It is possible that the artwork on the object may be deformed, trimmed or truncated because the product we offer is not always the same size as the artwork or may depend on the particular shape of the object.  

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Christmas bauble to customise with an artwork-Top 10
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