Today the dinosaurs have disappeared, fortunately for us because they were terrifying. However, they are still admired, especially by children. Children's attraction to dinosaurs is often born on television or in the cinema. They love to play with the little figurines, they allow them to unload their aggressiveness by playing a guilt-free brawl. Many children are really interested in the fascinating world of dinosaurs. They develop their scientific curiosity in this way by researching the subject thoroughly.  They identify with these powerful animals and imagine themselves stronger because they are fascinating and often gigantic animals. This is a way of frightening themselves and learning to overcome this feeling. Without risk, since the child knows that they are no longer part of our world.

Offering a dinosaur as a night light is therefore ideal to give the child the impression that the dino is watching over him. The dino can become his big friend, he will protect him just like the adult who can be severe. A nice gift idea for children who are passionate and curious to know everything about dinos. A great gift for birthdays, games and toys. A dino is an ideal gift as a children's bedroom decoration. A fun and reassuring Christmas gift.

Dino white/dark green nightlight

Tax included

- Dhink Nightlight DINO

- Color Changing LED

- Reach & Rohs complience & report

- including cell batteries 3 x LR44

- White/Dark green

- size 15x12x8,5 cm

** 15min timer function** 

Mtm-dhink 323-02
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