White mug with Valentine's Day label to personalise
  • White mug with Valentine's Day label to personalise
  • White mug with Valentine's Day label to personalise

White mug with Valentine's Day label to personalise

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History of the cup


Long ago, before we had cups or even pots, people drank from clay calabashes or jars that they made themselves by hand using the local materials available at the time. No wonder it took them so long to invent a pottery vessel that could keep a liquid hot or cold without burning up!


As to who actually invented the cup, it is not entirely clear!

But it was in ancient times that pottery cups were used for drinking water and other beverages in Asia and Africa, as well as in Europe and North America. The oldest cups found in different parts of the world are clay vessels that were discovered in Egypt during excavations conducted between 1933 and 1938 by the archaeologist Amelia Biliotti. They date back to 4000 BC and have certain similarities with today's ceramic cups.


In ancient times, drinking vessels were mainly used to store water, not to drink it, as most modern glasses are today!

The cup used to be made of wood in the countryside, and of thick earthenware in the cabarets where it was often decorated with floral motifs.

The original gift ideas mug Valentine's Day are often missing from the gift offers. On Gifts-custopolis.com, of course, you will find small gifts mug Valentine to personalise with a decoration dedicated to the lovers' day which takes place only once a year. The unique Valentine's day mugs ideas are then incomparable.   

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White mug with Valentine's Day label to personalise
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Of course, we also sell other film-related gadgets, some of which you'll find on our Gifts-custopolis.com sales site. 

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Gold coloured mug to customise

This golden mug personalized with your most beautiful photo will directly give you the impression of being rich and privileged even if it is not in real gold. Indeed, it is the colour of prosperity and luxury because gold was long reserved for the wealthy. The colour gold is also the symbol of fertility. It is therefore perfect for a photo of birth or for a baptism. A photo of your large family to offer to your grandparents. You are looking for a Zen gift, this personalized gold mug will be ideal because according to the Buddhist philosophy gold is associated with deep spirituality and the golden colour warms the heart and the spirit. On Valentine's Day, for the birthday of your beloved buddy, as a souvenir at a wedding, the gold background adds a glamorous touch to your romantic photo. This personalized gold coloured mug with a professional photo will also have an impact on your colleagues and customers. A photo of the logo on a gold background will add prestige and sparkle to the image of the company. We can also print a message such as "for a golden mom, a golden dad, a golden grandpa, a golden friend ..." An ideal gift to thank or to celebrate a golden person. The golden background goes well with all colors and especially with black and red.


Magic mug with birthday...

A little science.


The reaction logic of a magic mug.

Most mugs are made of ceramic, others of glass, metal, etc., as we explained in our article on mugs which you can read on our blog at https://custopolis-gifts.com/2-10-mugs/ . Article on our blog where you can find the whole history of the mug.

Of course, not everyone uses the same ingredients and materials to produce a mug, so it's a matter of adjusting the recipe, planning for a change at some point.

You've probably seen a coffee mug with hidden messages or photos that suddenly appear as if by magic when you fill it with hot water. There is something fascinating about this personalised mug, hence the name magic mug, and this magic is an impressive example of thermochromism.

By adding a heat-sensitive paint, the magic can happen. This type of paint is sensitive to the temperature change that occurs when a boiling liquid is added to a mug at room temperature. 

This manufacturing process is not new and has been used for many years for products that change colour when heated by a heat source: toothbrushes, toys, stuffed animals. The system is therefore the same as for the magic cups.

Magic mugs are  magic birthday gift ideas, perfect for a birthday party, especially when a key number is reached, by pouring hot water the numbers appear. Magic mugs are perfect as unique anniversary gift ideas to personalise.  And are suitable as a fun magic birthday gift for her or him. The magic mug, an original magic birthday gift, will surely be a good memory of a unique moment.