The progressions of the human being have been made through multiple small progressions in the uses and ways of acting. One of these changes is undoubtedly the way of consuming and the utensils and objects used, as we have previously indicated in our papers on other mugs. Kitchen items have evolved over time according to cultures and needs. 

The mug is one of those famous utensils of our daily life that have a history and whose usefulness is no longer in question.

The mug is now tending to be rivalled by the mug, which is a large, much more fashionable cup used without a saucer. 

A mug is a large cylindrical container with a handle, used without a saucer, which looks like a cup and is used for drinking or measuring in Europe and Quebec, and only for drinking hot liquids in North America.

A mug can also be made of clay, glass or enamelled metal.

Its use varies from region to region and it can be decorated and personalised as desired. 

Mugs can be of different colours, quite usual and simple, fluorescent, flashy, etc. sometimes with interior patterns or another colour of your choice in the mug.

A mug has the singularity of being able to be decorated according to one's taste and wishes. They are also available in different sizes and formats. 

In the office, a coloured mug with a personalised professional label is undoubtedly a mark of your particularity, your singularity. This cool coffee mug gift will allow you to show your sympathy, your benevolence, your cordiality for a friend, a colleague, a boss. 

Coloured mug with professional birthday label to personalise

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Colour: Yellow, Brown, Blue, Black, Dark Green

Form: cylindrical

Material: ceramic

Certification: microwave resistant

Capacity: 330 ml

Diameter approx: 80mm

Height 96 mm

Weight: approx. 340 g

Cleaning: dishwasher safe

Capacity: 11 OZ (330 ml)

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Coloured mug with professional birthday label to personalise
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